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Feeling Lost?

Refocus your thoughts

Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay

Once you feel lost, learn to refocus your thoughts.

Maybe, we are looking elsewhere, generating different results. Getting far away from where we should be, we just don’t know where to look at.

Maybe, there are times that we are not paying attention to what’s important. But what is really important? Sadness and frustration knock on our doors. But every time we think about the things that don’t work out, we feel some kind of unexplainable grief. Later on, we realize that we should be focusing on something different instead.

Just remember, there is also time to release ourselves from those thoughts. There are still memories that we can look forward to. A sense of relief appears when we finally give ourselves a chance to face the bright blue skies.

It’s difficult to accept reality sometimes.

However, reality includes something we can learn from and live by. At some point, it can also include something that can save our day.


This is most likely a symbol when we’re feeling lost. We are facing 2 or more different paths. One can only lead us to somewhere, the other paths to nowhere. But how sure are we about this?

What if the other paths, can bring us to our destination as well? At this crossroads, we started to walk, decide, and get lost all over again. We started looking for our way, endlessly.

Getting lost along your path is a part of finding the path you are meant to be on. — Robin Sharma

Silver Lining

This is the light from the skies and clouds that symbolizes hope. We can look at the brighter side of the day and still, appreciate the nostalgic nights. We live by it for the next day, hoping that it’s going to bring us some clarity. Thanks to the daylight, books, and coffee. Thanks to the friends, home, and music. These are also part of our lives, we can appreciate.

Sometimes, we ask for more. But at the end of the day, we are also being asked to be contented for a while.




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