Fifteen Reasons You Might Want a Virtual PO Box

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Possible Reasons for Adding a Virtual PO Box to Your Lifestyle

1. A virtual mailbox has a real address at a secure location where you can receive and have your postal mail items safely stored.

2. You can physically retrieve mail or packages at your virtual address or have letters opened, scanned, and then view them on your smartphone.

3. You want to avoid mail and package theft at your real address.

4. You don’t want to drive to a US Post Office PO Box to check your mail.

5. You don’t want to keep track of the keys a real post office box requires to get into your PO box at a US post office.

6. You can review and manage your mail remotely without having to drive to your virtual PO Box.

7. You want a real physical street address for personal and business reasons so that credit card companies won’t tell you that you can’t use a traditional PO box.

8. You can choose a virtual mailbox location in any of over 2,300 mailbox locations.

9. For privacy. You have a website that mandates public announcements of your name and mailing address for the “Who Is” legalities. Yet you don’t want every website engineering company to inundate you with their offers to make your sites achieve spectacular rankings in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

10. You travel a lot for your business. It would be convenient to be able to check your mail on your smartphone from wherever you are.

11. It may help your business image to have a more professional address than the flat where you pay rent.

12. With a virtual mailing address, you can delete junk mail for free or pay a little extra to have unwanted mail shredded.

13. If you upgrade to a virtual office, you can have local or toll-free phone and fax service, call forwarding, and voice mail.

14. Through no fault of your own, you witnessed a crime by a large and brutal cartel. You are in the witness protection program. It would “feel safer” to get your mail somewhere other than where you live.

15. If you are living in your car but want to impress acquaintances that you have…



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