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Finally Grateful for Yard Work

A poem New Yorker you would never understand

Photo by John Bogna on Unsplash

One Hundred Days of Gratitude. Forty-six.

South Texas summer
South Texas sweat
South Texas god
how am I not done yet?

salt vs eyes
sun vs skin
man vs his own machine

the entirety of plant evolution vs trying to keep the grass green
and the yard raked
and edges clean.

The audacity of man.

The grass must overgrow
and leaves have no choice
but to fall

In the face of it all
a perfectionist plan and
a sense of accomplishment
waiting to be seized

Sisyphus pushing the lawnmower
happy it has wheels at least

Can’t help but feel proud of the meaningless mark he’s made

Good Work being Done Well

don’t tell
but it’s almost like
all dads since the dawn of time
were right.

Now get me a beer and tell me goodnight.



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