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Find Long Tail Keywords Like a Pro!

Best Methods To Find Long Tail Keywords.

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Through the years, Long tail keywords have become a very important part of SEO.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keyword is basically a more specific version of keywords. It doesn’t guarantee you tons of traffic like normal keywords.

But it does give you targeted customers that have high potential of conversion.

Normal keyword:

10 Best Tourist Destinations To Visit.

Long tail keyword:

Top 10 Best Tourist Destinations To Visit This Summer!

Now the difference here is: Second one carries more keywords and is more specific in comparison to the first one.

Long tail keyword clearly beats its competition because it is more attention grabbing and click worthy.

Now a question comes. How to find them? Well there is no rocket science here. Let’s learn step by step.

#1 | Google Keyword Suggestions:

Google itself is a very good tool if you know how to use it correctly.

Here Google autosuggestion does the best job for you.

In the above image you can clearly see, it generates numerous autosuggestions according to the entered keyword.

Google Autosuggestion Screenshot

You can use various operators to find the best results.

I already covered this topic in one of my articles. You can check that one.

Also visit the "People Also Ask" and "Related Searches" section for better keyword ideas.

#2 | Keyword Sheeter:

Keyword sheeter generates hundreds of keyword ideas in just one click.

You can stop whenever you feel you have enough ideas.

Below example shows you how exactly this tool works.

Keyword Sheeter Screenshot

#3 | Long Tail Keyword Generator:

This is a useful tool created by Small Seo Tools.

Search: “Long Tail Keyword Tool By Small SEO Tools”. You will find this one.

It almost works the same as keyword sheeter but generates 100 targeted results.

While keyword sheeter keeps generating new keywords until you press the stop button.

#4 | Quora Ads Manager:

Quora Ads Manager is a very powerful tool in terms of searching the best long tail keywords.

Because here you directly get access to various viral questions.

Follow the steps mentioned below to find the best performing keywords.

Step 1 (Go to Quora Ads Manager):

Step 2:

Author Quora Screenshot 1

Step 3:

Author Quora Screenshot 2

Step 4:

Author Quora Screenshot 3

Step 5:

Author Quora Screenshot 4

Final Thoughts:

I personally use all these methods while finding the best keywords ideas for my articles.

I hope you find it helpful. Thank you for reading.

Share Your Thoughts in The Comments Section.

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