Five Key Elements For Living A Great Life: A Life Worth Remembering

3. Your Life Must Answer A Question

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6 min readMay 2, 2022


“Be the hero in your own movie.”

Joe Rogan

Is your life a story worth telling?

What are the 5 ingredients of a great adventure?

Are you ready to get your story odd?

We all live our life to the best of our abilities. We all want to accomplish great things for ourselves, our loved ones, and maybe for the advancement of humankind.

As we live, we tell ourselves different stories to justify what we did or galvanize us to do more in the future.

Humans love stories because they are rooted deep in our primal brains. Through stories, we pass on values, cautions, warnings, and ways of behaving when facing a specific situation.

One story is the most challenging to write: our life story. The challenge lies in the fact that we can only connect the dots backward, as said by Steve Jobs.

Indeed often, the story of our life will be told by others when we are gone. Yet it does not mean we have no control over how we want the story to unfold.

Yes, life is 10% what we do and 90% our reactions to what happens to us.

However, we can be in the front seat of our eulogy to ensure that our life story has everything to do with how we imagine it.

In this article, we will use storytelling techniques to script the best story we will ever read: our life story.

Let’s jump right into the five tools we must live by to write our best life story.

1. WRITE YOUR ENDING FIRST! — Yes, you heard it right. Of course, we have no control over when, how, or where we will die.

Yet we can imagine what people will say about us, how we lived, and what our drivers were there.

We could imagine what memories we would leave behind us. We would imagine our impact on ourselves, our friends and family, our colleagues, the environment, and the whole world.



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