Folks at a Concert — Stories of people in the darkness

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I was never into concerts myself. Never understood the idea of people paying a good deal, pushing through cramped crowds and standing for hours only to see the artists perform miles away.

Having been to a third of a dozen in the past 6 months, I’ve realized there’s so much more to concerts — not that I’d go every time I got a chance.

But it is something to experience. The crowds, be it a hyped Sunburn event or a college festival, are always quite a sight.

The funny thing about all the ones I’ve been to so far? I could never pick one over the other.

Being a guitarist myself, I’m picky about music I listen to. Yet strangely enough, I never bothered whose concert I attended. The evenings simply ended beautifully with light hearts.

If I’m empirical about it, none of the performances were my favorite artists of any sorts. Sure, I listen to them as they flow through my recommendation. But you get it.

Folks at a Concert

No, this isn’t about the artists. I’ve immersed myself in the vibe, thundering beats, and phone torch waves lighting up like newborn stars.

But have you ever detached from your tiny little world and simply perceived people at a show?

Real fanatics pouring lyrics and heart out with pride. Introverts and 18-year-olds out of their comfort zones for the first time, and others simply out to party here instead of a nightclub.

So-called big boys finding joy in shoving others. Petty fights, pretty short girls with eye-catching outfits perched on shoulders.

Unnoticed heads bobbing throughout while a few tipsy sluggish ones touching peace in their own little minds. Some puke and pass out too; that’s a different story.

Those eager to catch sight of the performer, pickpockets, and youthful couples in solace in each other’s arms.

Silent ones stepping back, afraid of getting crushed by the hyperactive jumping enthusiasm. And that one sad kid who truly stands and soaks in the song's meaning.

Teens struggling to fit in with the rest and the occasional middle-aged uncles that strangely never move from their positions.

For a fact, these overcrowded grounds aren’t cheap to get in. Neither are they easy to survive in with the never-ending queues for the unhygienic porta potties.

Regardless of how bad the music is, it shows how little it takes for a great evening — Music, a barren roofless land, and a crowd that keeps us invisible, a part of the darkness.

Now that I’ve exposed most of you in a live show, I’m myself among many of these characters I mentioned.

Yet I’m also someone with a soft spot for regard. I’m sure there are many of us. To the others, tell me if I missed any detail out :)



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