Forgiving a Narcissist Will Backfire You

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5 min readNov 14, 2023


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Today I’m talking about why you should never forgive a narcissist, at least not to their face.

And this applies to any type of narcissist — male or female, overt or covert.

here are my top five reasons why you should never forgive a narcissist.

first of all, let me just say that this blog is for informational purposes only and it is not meant to replace professional mental health services.

So navigating life after narcissistic abuse can be seriously confusing.

You’re left with a head and heart full of questions. Was any of it real?
Did the narcissist even care about me?

Did I mean anything to them? Did they intentionally hurt me? Did they appreciate anything I did for them?

It’s like this whirlwind of uncertainty, and it’s totally okay to feel that way.

You’re not alone in sorting through these questions, and over time, things will get clearer.

Keep being kind to yourself through this journey.

If you’ve been with a narcissist, not only do you feel confused, used, abused, and lost about who you are and what you need, because you’ve spent so much time and energy trying to do everything for them, only to be discarded.



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