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From Belief to Disbelief

image captured by author — Ilis Trudie Palmer

Those moments
When squeezing the elephant through the eye of a needle
Seems impossible;

At least more so than yesterday
When life was simpler
And all we had to do was to walk in faith believing that everything was gonna be okay,
Since we had each other;

Now not so much so
Because of the shadow
That hovers,
Bobbing and weaving like a plastic blimp
In the shape of worries;

We give into temptation to pause
And let the problems rise to the top like froth on a dirty lake,
Examining the many reasons as to why
Things were not working as they ought;

We struggle
We fight in our dreams
We lose belief.

Ilis Trudie Palmer
One Love

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Ilis Trudie Palmer

Energy, Creativity, Spirituality, the Great E.S.C; One dose of upfulness in each story or poem or song lyric.