Mar 29 · 2 min read

Funny facts, but also revealing

127 million infected
124 million pushed into extreme poverty
114 million lost their jobs
Are these the same people?

Ten people earned $540 000 000 000 000 so far during the pandemic.
How much did the next 90 on that list earn? I assume a similar amount or more.

If these 10 richest persons could feel just a tiny shame and turned 0,01% out of their pockets, then each of these people living in poverty will have $7k in their hands.

The next 90 on that list could afford to do the same. Then these poor people could open a bank account and hold $70k there. They will buy or rent a place to live, a car, a telephone, a computer, a TV, food from a supermarket or an online shop and so on…

Within a couple of years, these 10 people will have most of that money back in their pockets.

The most interesting is that these poor people who now have a car, a house, a TV, a phone, and also a husband or wife and a few kids don't need to save money for their kid's education. At the same time, their parents got $70k, the kids also got their own $70k on their bank account, which they could use for their education. Most of these educated kids will become a perfect workforce for those multi-billionaires.

Let's make the world go forward and introduce an extra 1% tax for the 100 wealthiest people and make the people living in poverty millionaires.

The funniest fact in this story is: Then I will probably be among those who live in poverty — by definition — because all the poor people of today will then be millionaires.

But I don’t care. Next year I will be a millionaire unless the pandemic or other circumstances has killed me.


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