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An exploration of the Gandhian Essence

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Skeletal frame, smiling face
Arose as the transparent prism
Through which the struggling light
Arrived as an eclectic rainbow
Uniting friend and foe in revolution
Transforming the bombast beneath
He reinvigorated the wounded
With the power of a reimagined ahimsa
Minimalistic and humorously charismatic
He dismantled the outer cosmetic with the oceanic
Realising satyam,as the sakthi of atma
He found a way to harness soul-force skilfully
With an unflinching commitment to sarvodhaya

Aspiring to liberate humanity with a Swaraj
That is not merely socio-economic and political
But integrated with the psychological and spiritual
He confounded people with his stubborn core
Which he scarcely relaxed to reclaim the humane
Thus, pushing the threshold of principle
Often, by leashing the Beast within
One may not be pleased by the Gandhian aesthetic
Underscored by the chauvinistic ascetic
But it is impossible to ignore his place in our making
As i am to left pondering how things would be
Had he Recognised that tremendous Beauty
Underlying every terrifying Beast!




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