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How to Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube

Are you looking to get your first 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube? Let’s put this major milestone into perspective!

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YouTube is a great way to share your content with the world.

Not only is it a great place to find information and entertainment, but it can also be a powerful tool for business owners and entrepreneurs.

If you want to make money with YouTube, you need to first get 1,000 subscribers to get monetized on YouTube.

We can agree that 1,000 subscribers will not be enough to make a living out of YouTube but it is a great milestone.

The process of getting your first 1000 subscribers can be a daunting task, but we’ve put together a simple guide to help you get started.

Here are the five steps you need to take to get your first 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Start, don’t be a perfectionist

The biggest dream killer is perfection. You have to remember, that your situation will never be perfect.

You don’t need to have a big budget or the most expensive camera to start. Just create a good plan, hit record, and start sharing your content with the world.

The more you put yourself out there, the more you will learn and the closer you are to getting your first 1000 subscribers.

“Too many people spend too much time trying to perfect something before they actually do it. Instead of waiting for perfection, run with what you got, and fix it along the way.” — Paul Arden

Pick your niche, make a channel for yourself, and brainstorm content ideas.

Learn how to edit your videos, learn about the importance of good audio, and learn everything from the best in your niche.

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Have a clear channel focus

When you’re starting out, it’s important to have a clear focus for your channel.

This will help you attract the right kind of viewers and keep them engaged.

If you try to be everything to everyone, you’ll end up with a channel that doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

Youtube users are more likely to subscribe to a channel that has a clear channel focus.

Figure out what kind of content you want to produce and stick to it.

This doesn’t mean that you can never experiment or branch out, but having a clear channel focus will help you attract and keep viewers.

Don’t blame “the algorithm”

Do not blame the YouTube algorithm if you are not getting views and subscribers on your channel, it’s a computer, it doesn’t hate you.

In 99% of the situations, the problem is with your content. YouTube recommends videos based on what viewer wants to see.

Just remember to stick to following their policies.

The algorithm is not perfect, but it’s not the reason you’re not getting views and subscribers.

The algorithm is designed to show viewers the most relevant and engaging content.

If your videos are not being shown to viewers, it’s because your content is not relevant or engaging.

Focus on making the first 5 seconds of your video engaging and hook your viewer into the video.

Explain to the viewer what the video is about. Give the viewer reason to watch till the end of the video.

Connect and mastermind with other creators

This is one of the most crucial parts if you want to get the first 1000 subscribers on YouTube and eventually make a living with it.

Connect with other creators in your niche, mastermind with them, learn with them and collaborate with them.

Let’s play a little roleplay on this:

Ben started his youtube journey and he collaborated with two other creators for 30 days. For 30 days, they shared all the mistakes they made.

Let’s say all of them made 2 mistakes per day.

In total that is 180 mistakes in a month that they made and shared with each other and learned from.

If Ben would have done everything by himself only, he would have only learned from 60 mistakes.

Ben is learning 3 times faster because he is sharing the journey with two other creators.

Let’s say that in the first month, they only got 100 subscribers.

At the end of the 30 days, they would have a debriefing and talk about what went well and what can be improved.

They would also set goals for the next month.

This kind of masterminding can skyrocket your progress to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube and eventually make money on YouTube.

You can motivate each other, and give each other ideas.

Don’t think that they are your competitors just because they make videos also.

If you all learn how to hold viewers’ attention and make high-quality videos, you are gonna all succeed.

Focus on the quality rather than quantity

Focus on the quality of your videos over quantity and you will achieve better results.

YouTube is more crowded than ever. To stand out you need to create high-quality, valuable content.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend months editing your videos or getting the best and fanciest equipment.

Just focus on creating content that you would want to watch.

Learn from the people who have achieved greatness on YouTube. No matter what niche you pick, you can learn a lot from the big names on YouTube like MrBeast.

If you look at his videos, you can see that he doesn’t waste your time, he always goes straight into the action.

He is an expert at keeping your attention the whole video.

If you are dreaming of making money from anywhere in the world, YouTube is one of the best options for that.

If you follow these 5 steps listed above, you’ll be well on your way to getting your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

Author: Elmeri Palokangas is the founder of, where he teaches on topics like advertising, eCommerce, and making money online. With a rich experience in the eCommerce space, Elmeri wants to share his knowledge bombs with other entrepreneurs, to help them maximize their sales.



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