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The key to upward mobility

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Look around the internet, and you will find plenty of advice on what to do and how to get that next promotion or job you want. Yet of the many ways you will find, there is a more straightforward, fundamental way to achieve what you desire. I realized this when I ran across a quote written early in the last century by one of the most successful men in the country, P.G. Winnett.

For decades, Winnett was the co-founder, president, and chairman of the upscale department store chain Bullock’s. As a nationally recognized leader and brilliant innovator in his day, he noted:

“When a man has equipped himself by thought and study for a bigger job, it usually happens that promotion comes along even before it is expected.” P.G. Winnett (1881–1968)

In this simple statement, Winnett provides the key to upward mobility in the workplace. The experience of many people bears this out, including my own. Let’s break Winnett’s words down.


Most people are familiar with the quote:

“As a man thinketh, so is he.” James Allen (1864–1912)

Allen took this thought from ancient scripture in the book of proverbs, and it is as true today as it was thousands of years ago. Everything in your life starts with thinking. Not some things — everything!

If you want a promotion or a better job, it is only common sense the desire will permeate your thoughts. These thoughts inevitably spawn questions from which you will seek answers to provide you with a path.

Can it be that simple? It depends.

“On what?” you ask. By how you think.

How you think depends on your attitude. Do you have an optimistic attitude or an attitude of doubt? You can guess which attitude will move you forward and which will stifle your thought process, can’t you? These attitudes represent the two mindsets that exist in the world.

The optimistic attitude comes from a growth mindset, while the attitude of doubt comes from a fixed mindset. You can read more about mindsets here: How to Easily Change Your View of the World



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