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Get the Gold Out of Your Content

5 reasons you should repurpose your content

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Creating content is a lot of work. You don’t even know the genius behind what you have made until you share it with people and they find it valuable. sharing it once will not suffice because so many factors beyond your control affect the number of people who get to see it. The algorithms might not be in your favour at that time. There are different channels online and people have their favorites which is why you should always repurpose your content. Some people are die-hard article readers, others find short-form videos more engaging, and some people prefer tweets because they are short and sweet. This is why it is important to repurpose your content for the different platforms and formats available.

  1. We are all wired differently and people digest content in very peculiar ways: For some people, reading long-form content is a drag, some people prefer videos, others prefer podcasts, and you want to reach as many people as possible with your content.
  2. It helps you to keep fine-tuning your message till you find your feet. The more you repurpose, the more you find simpler and easily digestible ways to distribute your content online.
  3. You can get new inspiration from repurposing your content. Believe it or not, the more time you spend with something, the more ideas can come to you. The more you analyse and think about your content, the more you’ll find problems to solve. I have gotten some business ideas from repurposing my content because I have spent more hours with it.
  4. When you think about the circle of life, at times people can’t connect with your content because they are not in the place to, then after a few weeks or months, they can connect with your content because they have a new experience. If you wrote an article once or you made a video and you don’t repurpose it, the content might get lost on the web due to algorithms. When you repurpose it, you give old eyes a fresh perspective.
  5. You have a higher chance of finding new audiences when you repurpose. Different platforms have their particular audience even though they may overlap. People have their favorites when it comes to social media platforms and meeting them where they hang out is the best way to get them interested in your content.

There is something I say about creating, that sometimes it might be ahead of its time or be becoming. But that shouldn’t stop you from creating. Even when it doesn’t go viral or not many people are paying attention to it at the moment, repurposing it will have you fine-tuning your message till you find the right words that will connect with the heterogeneous audience you are targeting. With the emergence of web 3, your content is a goldmine and you should treat it as such.

I’ll repurpose your articles into videos and graphics images for your social media if you would just send me an email at

Here are some of my articles and how I repurposed them into YouTube content:



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