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Giants in Love

A poem about letting go

Photo by Karlo Tasler

I don’t want to kiss anybody else,
There are better things to do now.
I can’t imagine warming up any other pair of feet
But yours.
It’s funny because I always knew it was going to be either you
Or nobody.
But now I can actually feel
The void between everything and nothing
And it feels very dull.
I saw in your eyes, a version of me
That I liked.
A version that does not reflect in anybody else’s eyes.
I saw a giant, a mighty man!
It is difficult to explain, but once you see a giant,
You don’t want to see a dwarf anymore.
I don’t often use words like must, need, or have to,
But when it comes to you
Must is the only word that comes to mind
That describes you and me…
So explicitly.
I don’t hope much
Hope is not my ally
I understand hope is the projection of my mind,
There is nothing tangible in that realm.
I understand this moment is all I’ve got
But when it comes to you, I do.
I do hope… Secretly
I remember I told you once that we would meet again if we are destined.
The truth is — I might have not surrendered completely to destiny,
Not when it comes to you.
It feels right to fight for you,
To interfere with higher powers.
I don’t want to kiss anybody else,
My lips are dry now.
I can’t imagine consoling any other pair of eyes
But yours.
It is funny because when I was kissing you,
It didn’t feel real either
It felt like a dream.
A dream I have awakened up from
Only to realize
Giants and love
They don’t go together.



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Karlo Tasler

Karlo Tasler

Explaining the complexity of life and its various perspectives through the beautiful game of football. Or rather the tragic game of football, so to speak.