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Glimpses of Enslaved Life on a Cape Fear River Rice Plantation

(1866) African American workers on Cape Fear River rice plantation, N.C. Weeding. 1866. [Photograph] Retrieved from the Library of Congress, Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on publication. Reproduction Number: LC-USZ62–61965 (b&w film copy neg.) Call Number: Illus. in AP2.L52 1866 (Case Y) [P&P]. Although this engraving was made immediately after the Civil War, it depicts African Americans working rice fields by hand as they did during enslavement.

In 1855, Fanny C. Watters was born on Clarendon, a prosperous rice plantation on the Cape Fear River in Brunswick County, NC. Near the end of her life, in 1944, she penned a book of vignettes about her childhood. The family published it as Plantation Memories of the Cape Fear River Country, and her relative George M. Stephens republished it in 1961. In the second edition, Stephens…




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