Global Warming and Positive Thinking

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6 min readDec 18, 2023
Image source by KELLEPICS via Pixabay

We get a lot of doomsaying when it comes to global warming, and that’s understandable. Most reports from the UN are far from optimistic. All data suggests that the timeline has passed, and that this is the beginning of the end for humanity. That we are nearing a global extinction event and that for all intents and purposes, those born in the 90s and 00s are the last generations to die natural deaths.

But let’s take a moment to examine some cause for resolve by looking at what climate change actually is and how it reflects upon humanity.

One thing we need to understand in doing so is that nature is cruel. For example, down syndrome. People with down syndrome are often honest, compassionate and sensitive. They seem to be missing whatever part of our neurology that turns us into selfish liars that regard other people as resources to exploit.

The trade-off, however, is that their life expectancy is significantly shorter, and they often face prolonged and tortuous deaths.

Contrast and compare this to their opposites, people who we might refer to as normies. They live their lives as delusional self-absorbed minus signs upon the universe, having long and healthy lives, enjoying a full range of things such as careers, family, friends, social life, cultural development, world travel, education and eventually pass away peacefully surrounded by loved ones in spite of how, in a just world, they would pass away screaming, surrounded by cloaked people with knives.

That’s because their worthless middle class existences are built on the backs of an underclass who endures every nuance of human suffering imaginable in order to maintain their illusion of having moral and peaceful lives.

Humanity is a moral slaughterhouse that ruthlessly tortures anything that does not conform to the expectations of profitability that’s set up by corporations, and most human endeavours of labour are really just to maintain a social hierarchy that caters to every whim of the people who were implicated in the Epstein scandal.

And you might wonder “Hang on, how is this positive thinking?”

And that’s a fair question, but think about it: Our species is a cursed rabble of morally tonedeaf monsters, we are the indisputable scumbags of the globe’s ecology. So have you considered how, in the big picture, maybe it’s good that we go extinct? I think it will do wonders for the rest of life on Earth.

Because humans are the only species who choose to hurt others. We’re not predators in order to survive, we’re predators because we enjoy it. That’s why in spite of all our technology, mass production, economic abundance and global infrastructure we still have things such as war, poverty, slavery, child abuse, you name it. We could end that shit tomorrow if we just wanted to in some collective sense.

We could give the UN some nuclear weapons, and maybe form up various posses to hang our leaders in various town squares. We could start dropping food parcels instead of bombs, and let homeless people sleep in the many vacant homes that none of us can even afford to begin with.

But instead we’re trapped in this dichotomy of sadists and cowards. One side relishes in the suffering of the vulnerable, and the other side are a bunch of limp wristed betas who lack any meaningful impulse to fight. And this dichotomy usually has self-aggrandising terminology such as Optimates and Populists, or Liberals and Conservatives, but the main central theme of human morality remains the same.

One side are a bunch of creepy and bloodthirsty narcissists who treat the universe like their own personal toilet, and the other side are a bunch of finger wagging hypocrites who would throw a bunch of schoolchildren into a bonfire if it would save them from even the mildest of discomforts or sacrifice.

And these brainwashed overgrown toddlers spend cradle to grave wasting everyone’s time and resources with their vapid opinions, garbage literature, prosaic music and constant yearning for platitudes. They are addicted to platitudes especially. Not only do they crave the airstrikes, the torture, the napalm and the screaming villagers, but they want some asshole in a suit to tell them that those piles of corpses deserved it, that they had to die so that they may live.

They need to feel special and important, and that’s why war is such an entertaining spectacle to people with neurotypical disorder. Since they lack any and all capacity to contribute or achieve anything, all they can really do to elevate themselves is to make others exist six feet beneath the ground they stand on.

But a far easier and fairer solution would be if everyone died. That way nobody feels insecure about the fact that they exist in an unsustainable society that’s exclusively populated by worthless leeches and the miserable haggard flesh mound that they’re feeding on.

We can break the cycle of wealth and poverty in one fell swoop, and all it requires you to do is to keep putting those keys into the ignition. Climate change is basically God’s car bomb, and we’re all invited to step into the light.

Human beings are the larval stage of their higher existence, namely that of skeletons. We do our best work as skeletons. That’s when we quit being cruel, and selfish, we stop bullying disabled people and smacking our kids and kicking our dogs. We stop murdering and stealing and wasting our time on twitter and listening to talk radio and thinking we’re smart and decent even though we never do anything intelligent or compassionate to anyone.

I bet right now you’ve deluded yourself into thinking you’re a good person. But let me ask you this: How much money and hours have you sacrificed to strangers? When was the last time you saved someone’s life? How many diseases have you cured?

And then make a quick accounting of how often you pay your taxes to fund the military, how many conflict minerals you have in your various computers and gadgets, what your carbon footprint looks like, and what the domestic violence statistics are in your town.

Chances are that you’re a passive mooch who’s racked up quite the body count in terms of what you were capable of doing versus what you’ve actually been doing.

Chances are that some delusional jackass told you that you’re a good person and you felt absolutely zero motivation to test the factual content of such an outrageous remark.

Chances are that you’ve been sleeping peacefully every night through thousands of instances of rapes, murders, child abuse, elderly abuse, corruption, neglect and further unspeakable acts of cruelty that you and many others were perfectly capable of preventing if you only stopped for a moment to give a shit about a stranger in need.

In fact, we might be the only social species who’s afraid to ask for help. Because when we ask for help we’re rolling the dice. More often than not, asking for help involves painful rejection, or exposing your vulnerabilities to some sicko who’s looking for an easy target.

That’s because everyone in our species is one out of two kinds of cannibals.

There’s the good kind, who kills individuals for immediate purposes, cook their body, make idols out of their bones, eat their flesh, and craft their skin into drums.

And then there’s the bad kind, who kills millions for abstract purposes and leave their bodies to bake in the sun.

So with all that in mind, climate change is the best thing that could’ve happen to us. I’m over the moon. In fact, one of the few things that keep me from figuring out if my building has any rooftop access is the comfort I feel knowing that there is no cop, or government, or segregatory double standard that’s going to protect the horde of monsters outside my window from the justice to come. Now it’s going to be their turn to scream and having nobody care in the slightest.

You can’t call the cops on this one, and no amount of drone bombings is going to make you feel important. For once the scumbags are going to get the third world treatment, and if that’s not cause for opening up a bottle of champagne then clearly you’re just being a pessimist.