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Going Slow Is The Fastest Option

Why you should adopt the “slow is fast” mentality

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You’ve heard it here first, the answer to your problems is here, wherever its business or a life situation. Taking it slow has always been the fastest option.

This theory is proven throughout history. In fiction tales and real battles, the winner is the slowest to start but the first to finish. Attaining the goal in front of them.

The Tortoise and The Hare by Aesop is a timeless fable that holds a strong message within its words. Popular in the UK but I’m not sure about America. Anyways the story is as follows if you know it then skip ahead.

- The tortoise is challenged to a race by the hare. The tortoise accepts his proposal. As they come up to the start line the hare is feeling cocky. the tortoise stays humble.

- As the race begins the hare zooms off leaving the tortoise behind. Halfway around the course the overly confident hare stops by a tree and takes a nap. Unknowingly sealing its fate.

- The tortoise strolls past the hare without waking it up. As time goes by the tortoise edges closer to victory. When the hare wakes up he does not realize he has been passed and starts up again. But it is too late.

-The tortoise crosses the line victorious. The hare is left embarrassed unable to catch up to the tortoise.

The moral is obvious but there is more to it for us writers and alike to keep in mind.

You can be more successful by doing things slowly and steadily than by acting quickly and carelessly.

We need to take this to heart keep it near and not lose sight of the main goal. As writers, we need to meet deadlines in a small amount of time. Causing many of us to panic and rush to complete the assignment. Leading to many problems along the way. This is the wrong option.

Take a breath and step back for a moment to look at the problem at hand. This slow pace will lead to a higher quality product for you and your clientele.

yes, you may have a deadline and that is good motivation for most of us. We can strive for greatness when under pressure by assuming we haven’t done anything wrong. In reality, we have overlooked minor mistakes within our work.

Slow is fast is also represented within many businesses and startups. Many of the current tech companies were laughed at in the beginning. Over time adapted to grab the market by the neck and take over.

There are two sides two a coin, fast can also benefit you when writing, be fast to write but meticulous to edit your work.

The slow is fast mentality

We can use this principle to our advantage. Simple steps that can be implemented into your daily life. You can harness the power of this very mentality

1. Before you do anything set long-term goals. This will help define your work and make sure you don’t try to rush it. The goals can be a far fetched as you want as long as you achieve the goal. Give yourself plenty of time but don’t combine this with the inability to complete said task.

2. Plan with efficiency. To not only optimize your time but also to set limits for certain activities. Don’t worry if you breach the time limit, Remember slow is fast. Short term is fast but long term, well, it's in the name. LONG.

3. Be at peace with this decision, accept you are not going to be an overnight success. This will ultimately end in money chasing. Money isn’t a motivator.

4. Meditate to unlock the freedom within you, whether it's creativity, productivity, or both. Meditation unlocks the brain to a higher frequency. Of course, research to find what is best for you.

These steps will lead you to success eventually. However big or small your dreams are, you will find a way to prevail in the long term. If you chose to ignore this. It will haunt you, following your every move until it is ready to strike, then bam, you rushed it.

Act now, or prolong the inevitable. It's up to you.



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