The Ultimate 2023 Q&A session

I Answered Google’s Top-100 Questions for 2023

What is humankind most interested at? Keep reading and you might be surprised.

Nassos Michas
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20 min readApr 12, 2023


The Google logo, courtesy of Google LLC

It was a boring evening.

As I was browsing through my list of Medium draft stories ready to be fleshed out, I was eagerly waiting for inspiration to strike. As usual, it didn’t.

So, here we are. Not an inspiring piece but definitely one I had lots of fun researching and writing up. I hope you have fun reading it, you’ll definitely be surprised by some of the questions people ask Google.

The list of Google’s Top-100 search was sourced from PageTraffic, featured in their article What are the Most Asked Questions on Google in 2023.


1. What to watch

What an amazing question when I know absolutely nothing about you! Well, maybe you can find something interesting here:

IMDB’s What to Watch
Variety’s What to Watch
Rotten Tomatoes Popular Movies
The New York Times What to Watch



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