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Grateful More for The Light at Night

A poem about being thankful we can fight the darkness

Photo by Diane Leber on Unsplash

One Hundred Days of Gratitude. Eleven.

Oh if we could show
our grandfathers
crouching in caves and lean-tos,
barefoot and bloody and alive
and exactly as human
as you.

Or their sons in barely dry huts
hiding from the damp and the death
and the beasts in the dark

how we have claimed the night
as our own

new twilight home
one with more of our secrets out in the open
as if we still couldn’t see.

How we are rich with so much cold light
it spills out of almost every window
like a sort of soundless laughter.

What would they say
if they could see
how we have made our own day
in the darkness
and how it’s beautiful in its way.

Funny how,
as we defeated so much of our ancient enemy,
and illuminated the unknown black out of so much of the world

we found more and more
of the night, in ourselves.

I wonder if our grandfathers could tell.



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