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Great Stories From 2021 That Are Worth Revisiting

Editor’s pick

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Ever since Medium introduced the ability to keep lists, I have systematically kept a record of stories that I discovered while editing for Illumination and its sister publications that were outstanding. These are the stories that after skimming through in the manner that editors have, I had to go back and read them properly.

Why did they stand out? For a multitude of reasons. Some for their clarity, others for their unique approach to a common topic, and mostly because the personality of the writer shines through like a ray of sunshine on a grey day.

Some of the writers I knew and anticipated excellent content before I even read the story, others were unknown to me.

Without further ado, here are the top stories I bookmarked in 2021.

First, from a pharmacist, who explains clearly and concisely the differences in branded and unbranded medicines. Believe me, I spent many lengthy consultations with patients trying to reassure them that the tablets they received from the pharmacy were absolutely fine, even though they looked different and came in a red box rather than a blue box. If only I had this article to give them when I was working!

Are Branded Medicines More Effective Than Generic Tablets? | by Notations in C | ILLUMINATION | Medium

Juana Flor writes about her experience of the pandemic and I think all of us can resonate with what happened to her. The level of anxiety which we all had to face was definitely worse for some. Juana lost her job for a start. She changed her perspective and took on new roles as we all had to do to some extent. She writes with empathy and clarity. Who did you become? I certainly learnt to enjoy my own company more than ever before and adjusted to spending 24 hrs a day with my husband when previously our lives had diverged in different directions.

The experience of COVID-19 has changed all of us.

Our relationships with ourselves, family, space, money, work, and more are all being questioned.

We tossed out old ideas and sprouted new personas. We went inwards and crawled out of our shells.

Who Did You Become In The Pandemic? Ask Yourself These Critical Question To Get Clear In Your Life | ILLUMINATION (

Next I would like to recommend the extraordinary story told by Ali. A life which got turned around not once but several times, and yet despite all the major setbacks, her enthusiasm for life shines through. No-one can fail to be inspired by this story.

How I Am Learning To Embrace Me. Accepting change and finding peace | by Ali | ILLUMINATION | Medium

When I thought I had the green light, my body was pushing on yellow and finally the red light came on.

There’s so much I have learned about myself while being unable to work

Photo by Tienko Dima on Unsplash

And now for a couple of wonderful poems.

I. Trudie Palmer writes about her inner power with uplifting words.

Remind Me of My Awesome Power — ILLUMINATION — Medium

Remind me of my awesome power
Let it surge in my belly
Snaking like kundalini fire
Birthing new life inside me

And this remarkably atmospheric poem by Ulf Wolf

Five Days — ILLUMINATION — Medium

In the distance looms fear as fog
as lulling of many tiny movements
he has so far to go, foot by foot

When it comes to writing and advice about writing, Synergy has attracted some really great writers.

If you ever wanted to try writing poetry but didn’t know where to begin, have a read of Dan J’s description of how he writes poetry. Inspiring advice.

the more you practice to write in a state of emotion, the better your poetry will become

The Writing of Poetry. It begins with the emotions within you | by Dan J | SYNERGY | Medium

Greg Proffit explains why he writes, and how he was inspired by Kurt Vonnegut and Suzanne McConnell

The property of words as the conveyors of ideas — gives them tremendous creative power. Ideas create the world and its living conditions. Those best able to express the best ideas serve an invaluable role.

Why I Write. Perhaps you’ll read this and tell us… | by Greg Proffit | SYNERGY | Medium

Alex Frederickson writes about the immense power of the written word to make a difference. As writers we all have this innate ability , but not everyone can tap into the source.

Last winter, during the long period of lockdown, I took a daily train ride and created a collection of stories about the people I met, about exchanges with strangers and about conversations I overheard. I posted a story each morning and soon there will be a book.

the greatest blessing is to be found in the way we impact the thinking, the emotions and the lives of those who read us.

When Our Written Words Impact A Life | by Alex Frederickson | SYNERGY | Medium

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

We love our pets and they have a special place in our hearts. They somehow have the ability to connect people and keep us together. This story by Nicholas E. Barron will pull at your heartstrings. Teddy was also the name of my mother’s last dog, a true companion to her as her health began to fail, so it brings back special memories to me.

Finding a Lost Puppy in the Tall Grass | by Nicholas E. Barron | ILLUMINATION | Medium

To finish let’s read Amanda Clark-Rudolph’s light hearted treatise on pickled eggs. Not a common subject matter on Medium, for sure, but who couldn’t love her enthusiasm and humor!

Let’s just say that after breaking my ankle in two places at the beginning of the pandemic, I packed on more than a few extra pounds (goodbye running, hello peanut butter.)

Pickled Eggs Helped me Lose 5 Pounds in Two Weeks: Here’s How | by Amanda Clark-Rudolph | ILLUMINATION | Nov, 2021 | Medium

I hope you enjoyed this journey back to some of the great stories of 2021. Did you find some gems that you bookmarked? Share them in a story and give them a second chance to find eager readers.




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