A Poem From My Latest Collection “Notes From The Bonfire.”

Matt Nagin
1 min readJan 5, 2021


Below is a poem from my third collection, “Notes From The Bonfire.” The link below also offers a video reading of the poem with imagery.


Guess What?

The whirlwind of a time

cannot contain

this mute despair,

these dangling participles,

these bats ate the wrong way.

Guess what?

Your childhood is gone,

the parables relied upon

now seem like broken staircases,

the limelight of heaven

is drenching you in acid rain.

Guess what?

Your brother betrayed you,

the lover you relied upon

is running into the arms of another man;

your bank account is burning

like an oil field,

chickens are running around

without heads

and the farmers still

need them to be sold.

Guess what?

The kangaroos are hopping

into the tsunami,

the stores are all closed,

children are the only product left.

Guess what?

The violin breaks,

a tiger eats the day,

lightning strikes

right where it hurts most.

Guess what?

The earth is laughing,

our arms are in traps,

a king is whistling to

an empire that no longer exists.



Matt Nagin

Matt Nagin is a writer, comedian, actor, and educator. His latest book, “Do Not Feed The Clown,” is available on Amazon. More at