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Haiku, Haiku Very Much

An ode to long hair, and Locks of Love

My son, Jaferaly, chilling at Corpus Christy, TX. Photo by Rasheed Hooda

My son cut his hair
to act in Of Mice and Men
and helped Locks of Love

Sporting his National Honor Society jacket, Photo by Rasheed Hooda

Though you can’t see all of it in these pictures, he cut off more than 16" (40 c.m.) and donated it to locks of love. The organization makes wigs of human hair for cancer patients who lose their hair due to chemotherapy.

That’s my contribution to today’s SCBWI prompt: Of Mice and Men. Thanks, Amy Marley for the invite to play.

Here are the contributions of other players.

Of Mice and Men by Amy Marley

Bob Jasper’s story on Song Lyrics.

Saloni Joshi did a twofer with her Mesh of Words on Song Lyrics and Unwind.

My son Jaferaly at age 3 Photo by Rasheed Hooda

As always, thank you for reading and responding.

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