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Have You Faith In The Direction Your Life Is Heading?

Faith In Your Direction — Photo by Rachel McDermott on Unsplash

The continuing acceleration of the energy across all of Creation is challenging our faith. It is being felt here on Mother Earth as pushes to resolve long-standing patterns of behaviour and beliefs.

We are all in this energetic storm. No-one can opt out.

Ready To Welcome Shadow Into Your Life?

For many this will surface as an issue in your life that keeps coming to a head. A repeating performance of something difficult that happened more than once before.

My experience is that on each occasion it will become more intense until it cannot be ignored, much though we may try to!

This is being experienced both individually and collectively. Forms and structures are being dismantled or dissolved to make way for new ways of being.

Including ideas and practices which were once considered essential, and now are restrictive. Not aligning with the new that is emerging.

Our souls seek to gain experiences so we can integrate more of our shadow. Acknowledging its presence in all aspects of our life, which will always be so. For just as all of Creation is half light and half shadow, so are we all.

It is the interplay between the two which initiates the emergence of something new and so expansion. For ourselves and so all of Creation.

This is the opportunity we all have before us. To accept our soul´s purpose to evolve and allow its calling to guide us. This can be viewed as a “phoenix effect” — what no longer serves is burnt down so new life can emerge to replace it.

No matter whether old thought forms, karmic patterns, identities, ways of being in the world, all are asking to be released. From all the layers in which they are held and we have buried deep in our being. These disruptive cycles are evident in the collective as well as in our personal lives.

This transition is akin to a “course correction” in humanity´s destiny. Once we acknowledge the process and have faith in it, we move away from everything that leads to judgement, assumption, dis-information and separation.

Creating Peace In Your Life

Until then observe what is being mirrored in your life. No matter whether it is anger, fear, hurt, sadness, guilt or even war, look no further than what you are placing your attention on. It is the path you have chosen, so you are reminded to address it.

Your soul knows each of us has often allowed ourselves to be distracted by external events, people and stories. Steering us away from living our life by engaging with others from a place of complete neutrality and love.

Before we incarnate, we agree a “plot outline” for the experiences we are seeking to gain in this life. Many of which are karmic or ancestral in nature, the purpose being to be free of them so we have freedom to evolve in new ways. That is what each soul is seeking.

What forms and structures in your life are being questioned, dismantled or dissolving to make way for new ways of being?

Usually we do not know why events happen the way they do. However, when we allow ourselves to relax and surrender, to trust we are part of something greater, we feel at peace.

This is the internal knowing that creates balance in our lives, in spite of the major waves of transition surrounding us.

When we do not have faith in our connection to a deeper meaning for our lives, a trust in Source, a higher purpose, it is very easy to become distracted by our reactive, emotional mindset.

The one that focuses on judgement, assumption, dis-information and separation.

When you cannot feel you have a place in the bigger picture of life, it is easy to be defensive, to close your mind and your heart. To not be in your power.

Have You Faith In Your Intuition?

To prefer to stay in your existing image of life and proclaim it to be valid, to stop listening with your soul to its truth.

Without balance in our lives, fear remains our ruler. We do not allow our faith and trust to guide us. Preferring to place the responsibility on others rather than acknowledging our self-responsibility.

Each of us has incarnated during this period for a purpose. That purpose is an essential part of the creative process which is unfolding. It is our choice whether or not we participate.

Observe children, they always seek to step into the unknown. That is how they learn. However, as parents we seek to protect them from danger, or at least what we perceive as dangerous. That is how limiting beliefs are established. The ones Creation is pushing us to release.

For millenia society has conditioned humanity to value logical thinking. Hence, the emphasis on the scientific approach so we doubt whatever cannot be proven.

The place for our own personal intuition in our life has been downgraded, if not hidden. Yet one of the greatest current challenges in this period of transition and accelerating energies, is how to interpret the information that is fling around us in every moment.

We are challenged to know what to do, where to go and in what direction. How to find our place during this transition as we feel the need to trust our intuition more than ever.

Cultivating, strengthening and having faith in your intuition is essential to feel balanced and confident as you navigate this period of rapid transition.

Message From Source

This latest Message from Source indicates the importance of creating what you desire:

“Today may seem to be suitable for making major changes in your life. We trust you are observing how events are unfolding in unexpected ways. Whilst this may create excitement, know the real reason for the pow wow was not to address such trivial aspects. No, the purpose was to highlight the lesser known parts of yourself.

Whilst you may question why this is an essential part of the process of connecting each of you with what is unfolding. No longer seeking to hide away, rather to appreciate what is unfolding. This observer status will become more roadworthy, then a fellow traveller will come seeking you.

The important task for all during these coming days is to commit with all that is. To not be afraid to speak one´s own truth. Rather to begin the creative processes that will repeat. To be mindful of what is unfolding anywhere assistance or other such media are tweaking the Natural flow of life. To be present to what is unfolding and to be part of that process, wherever it may lead.

Stand back and observe yourselves before you begin to focus on the actions of others. This is the current message — create what you desire and live it. Knowing your own actions are at the core of Creation. Have faith and trust in yourselves and what you are creating.”

2022 embodies the light and shadow of the number 2 — the choice of living the middle way between the two aspects. Meaning you will always be aware of all of consciousness, both light and shadow, and choose to stay neutral.

Acceptance of the two aspects creates your freedom. The source of your inner peace, internal compassion, love and joy.

Six Pointers To Improve Your Intuition

Here are six pointers on how to improve your intuition.

  1. Listen To You Body — each of us connects with our intuition in different ways. For some it is a feeling, others an awareness and perhaps even a physical presence. Whatever its form, it will connect with your physical body in a specific way. You need to be able to recognise the means of communication which is yours, and the meaning of any message should there be differences.
  2. Practice Improves Intuition — focused thinking can be used to train our intuition as well as invite or avoid intuitions in the moment. Metaphors and sketches are excellent tools to help reframe issues or discern solutions more clearly.
  3. Do Not Overthink — research, science based of course, indicates our intuition is faster than reflection and is more accurate. Thinking too much can also harm our ability to form preferences.
  4. Intuition Is Sensing: Insight Is Seeing — intuition draws on our experience to know how to act. Insight alters what you know.
  5. Stress Diminishes Intuition — stress releases cortisol, which triggers the preference to follow habits and short-cuts rather than intuitive processing. This is because the automatic fight or flight reactions directed by the amygdala take over.
  6. Thinking Style Influences Your Intuition — those who rely on logic in their thinking are less intuitive than those who prefer to listen to their intuition.

My suggestion is you add a space for coming to know your intuition as part of your daily practice.

Recent guests at our Quinta have once again confirmed how creating space in our lives allows old memories, wounds, feelings to be released. They knew of their presence, though not why they were proving to be so elusive in terms of their release.

Achieving Clarity And Focus In Your Life

Only once the old has been acknowledged, thanked and released can the new start to arrive. Until then, however hard we may try, there is simply no room at the inn for the new to create. This applies to all aspects of our life.

I have been recommending use of a lit candle to acknowledge, thank and release any deeply buried beliefs. Particularly those from other lifetimes, ancestral lineage or soul contracts.

Until you have released the old and accepted the new, expect disruption to continue.

Surrendering to the process is our only option. Accepting a feeling of total uncertainty.

2022 of all the years we experience is the one where clarity and focus are most essential. For the seeds being planted now will determine the nature of your life for at least the rest of the decade.

In “How do I achieve clarity and focus?” I have set out more indicators on the role of the third eye in releasing your intuition as well as the importance of clarity and focus.

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To Having Faith In The Direction Of Your Life


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