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He Smelled Like Forever

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

He smelled like forever

As if forever could be measured by time

He smelled like an eternity

Of sunshine

Beautiful rain as it would seem

A subtle combination of uneasiness

That was his scent

He carried it like an old picture

Battered around the edges from his personal war

Against the phantom, he seemed to be

His fight was not for want or need

Rather for an identity, he sought

A recognition of sorts

He bled it

Wanted it badly

Like a dream that was never his reality

He smelled of fear and failure

As if success was too much to carry

He smelled of a long lost misery

As if the pain was his to bury

Maybe he smelled of comfort and familiarity

Beautiful wishes left unsaid

Broken promises

Dead on the sidewalk where his heart used to be

He smelled of mystery

Of a fragrance in time

He smelled like an eternity

And in all his failure he was mine

To love

To hold

To have

To behold

A thousand times he was mine



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Joy Nibbs

Joy Nibbs


Poet | Freelance Writer| Doer of Things. Writing about all the things I find fascinating and divine, including marketing. Find me on Twitter @jnibbzy