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Why Do Healthcare Businesses Need Explainer Videos?

They have a lot to say in a very short time

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Healthcare is essential for everyday life.

But there are times when even seasoned industry professionals face difficulties communicating the information regular people need to make knowledgeable decisions.

Luckily, explainer videos, with their ability to convey complex knowledge concisely and engagingly, are now a staple in savvy marketing campaigns everywhere.

The healthcare industry included.

Here we’ll discover how animation allows you to educate and market your goods and services.

But first, let’s take a look at how explainer videos aid you in communicating with your audience.

Clear and Visual Communication

Medical terminology exists to transmit intricate concepts amongst healthcare professionals efficiently.

But that vocabulary can cause problems when used with patients and stakeholders who do not come from such backgrounds.

Such issues are especially troubling when clear communication is needed to understand a diagnosis or undergo treatment.

Animation breaks through said language barrier by leveraging that most people are visual learners.

An explainer video that combines a concise script with clear, easy-to-follow moving images will not only save time; it could also save lives.

And since the videos will always be just a link away, they make for great, bite-sized works of reference.

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Approachable Marketing

Healthcare products and services often come across as “dry” to the average person.

It doesn’t help that most people associate healthcare marketing with rows of old pamphlets gathering dust on reception desks.

Many healthcare professionals also have hectic workloads that make them a difficult demographic to market towards.

Healthcare explainer videos, with their short, yet information-rich format, are ideal for both practitioners and patients.

Not only is animation capable of presenting how the product or service works, but it can also do it in a captivating manner.

Such videos are well-known for making your brand more approachable and human too.

With animation being so visually substantial, it is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your brand identity (and introduce a loveable mascot).

Through the clever use of logotypes, soundbites, and brand colors throughout, explainer videos work to build brand recognition and storytelling.

And since people will periodically use them as a reference, you’ll get a lot of mileage, advertising-wise, from animation.

Enhanced Education

Explainer videos are helpful not just for patients and their stakeholders.

All of the advantages of animation also apply to healthcare practitioners and medical students alike.

The conciseness and ease of viewing make the format great for onboarding and training sessions.

Breaking up material into engaging, bite-sized chunks makes the information much more absorbable.

The short videos also make great learning supplements for lecturers, seminars, conferences, and meeting presentations.

Another benefit of animation is its ability to emulate medical procedures or environments that would be too impractical (or graphic) to show in live-action videos.

For instance, universities can use the format to showcase the steps-by-steps of various surgical procedures in their promotional materials.

Explainer videos are excellent for demonstrating abstract concepts too. Examples include showing how a drug can fight infections on a molecular level.

Or how the body responds to certain medications on the inside.

Lastly, explainer videos allow for the economic training of staff since medical institutions can consistently reuse them at no additional price.

Explainer videos have proven their worth as one of the best bang-for-your-buck mediums in communications and marketing.

As we’ve discovered, animation cannot only inform and educate but also entertain.

Such ability helps to foster better engagement, connections, and understanding between medical professionals and patients.

Here’s an example from HealMate:

What are the most remarkable medical facts you’ve learned through animation? Let us know in the comments below!



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