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Hello Kitty Murder Case: Documentary

Whilst a 14-yr-vintage female told police she changed into being haunted with the aid of the ghost of a lady, they did not trust her. but whilst she explained who the girl turned into, they were horrified.

On the year of 1999, a 14-year-old lady made her way to a Hong Kong police station. She advised officers that for the past numerous weeks, she’d been constantly plagued by the ghost of a lady who have been sure with the aid of electrical wire and tortured to loss of life. The police brushed her off, dismissing her claims as nothing but dreams or teenage nonsense.

Their interest turned into piqued, however, whilst she explained that the ghost became of a woman she’d had a hand in murdering. Following the child back to a flat within the metropolis’s rundown Kowloon district, they discovered that the woman’s desires had been in reality very actual nightmares. within the flat, they determined an outsized hello Kitty doll with the decapitated skull of a girl interior it.

The case has become referred to as the hiya Kitty homicide and was seemed at some stage in Hong Kong as one of the most wicked crimes in memory.
Fan man-yee’s lifestyle became tragic even before she changed into decapitated and her head filled internal a doll.

After being abandoned by means of her circle of relatives as an infant, she changed into being raised in a woman’s home. by the time she changed into a teenager, she had developed a drug dependency and became turning to prostitution to pay for her dependency. with the aid of 23, she had secured a job as a hostess at a nightclub, though she became still struggling with dependency.

In early 1997, Fan guy-yee met Chan guy-lok, a 34-yr-antique socialite. the two met at the nightclub and determined they had something in the commonplace. Fan guy-yee become a prostitute and a drug addict and Chan man-lok became a pimp and a drug provider. before long, guy-yee become an everyday addition to man-lok’s organization, similarly to his henchmen.
Later in 1997, determined for money and pills, Fan man-yee stole man-lok’s wallet and attempted to make off with the $4,000 interior it. She hadn’t found out that Chan guy-lok become the closing character she need to have stolen from.

As quickly as he noticed his coins turned into long past, man-lok enlisted of his henchmen, Leung Shing-Cho and Leung Wai-Lun, to kidnap guy-yee. He meant to force her into prostitution for himself and take the cash she earned as payback for the coins she had stolen from him. before long, but, the plan had gotten out of hand.

The drug lord and his henchmen quickly decided that really prostituting Fan guy-yee wasn’t going to be enough, and commenced torturing her. They tied her up and beat her, and for over a month subjected her to various horrors: burning her skin, raping her, and forcing her to eat human faeces.
though the torture of Fan man-yee turned into frightening enough, possibly extra frightening is the story of the 14-year-antique lady who reported her murder to the police. not most effective became she chargeable for turning the torturers in, but she was one herself.

Recognized best as “Ah Fong,” probable a pseudonym given to her with the aid of the Hong Kong courts, the 14–12 months-antique woman changed into a girlfriend of Chan guy-lok’s, though “lady friend” became in all likelihood a free term. likely, the girl was every other one in every one of his prostitutes.
At one point, whilst Ah Fong turned into touring the torturous trio in guy-lok’s condominium, she witnessed man-lok kick man-yee 50 instances inside the head. Ah Fong then joined in, hitting guy-yee in the head. although the information of the quantity of the torture inflicted by means of Ah Fong has been not released, as a part of her plea deal, they have been no question great. when asked approximately them, she responded, “I had a sense it was for amusing.”

After a month of torture, Ah Fong discovered that Fan guy-yee had died overnight. Chan man-lok and his henchmen argued that she had died from an overdose of methamphetamine that she had administered herself, even though most specialists speculate it was her injuries that finally killed her.
They only speculate because there’s no way to understand for certain. After coming across she became dead, the henchmen moved guy-yee’s body to the condominium’s bath and dismembered her with a noticed. Then, they cooked the character pieces of her body to prevent her from decomposing and emitting the scent of rotting flesh.

Using boiling water at the same range on which they had been cooking dinner, the killers boiled the portions of her body and disposed of them with the family’s garbage.

Murder Victim. Source: The Teal Mango

Her head, however, they stored. After boiling it at the stove (and allegedly using the identical kitchen utensils to stir their meals that they did to move her head around) they sewed her boiled cranium into an outsized good day Kitty mermaid doll. moreover, they stored one in all Fan man-yee’s enamel and numerous internal organs which they stored in a plastic bag.
In trade for protection (which she also probable acquired in part due to the reality that she became so young), Ah Fong testified towards Chan man-lok and his two henchmen. In a try and rid herself of the haunting she claimed to be experiencing, she precise the torture that the three men placed Fan guy-yee thru.

Even though the story become so traumatic many felt it could not probably be genuine, the evidence exposed through police become damming and traumatic. The rental in which guy-yee had been tortured turned into complete of howdy Kitty memorabilia, from sheets and curtains to towels and silverware. furthermore, the body component trophies taken from guy-yee were discovered internal, with proof that everyone 3 guys had interacted with them.

Unfortunately, because of the country of Fan man-yee’s remaining frame components, the police and medical examiners were not able to determine a cause of death.
there was absolute confidence that she had skilled indescribable torture, and that the three men had inflicted lots of the damage to her frame, however, there has been no manner to inform whether or not a drug overdose or the torture become accountable.

As a result, the three had been convicted no longer of murder, however manslaughter, because the jury believed that although they’d triggered her loss of life, demise becomes now not the purpose. The rate left Hong Kong’s public reeling from the hey Kitty homicide, but the trio changed into sentenced to life in prison — with the opportunity of parole in two decades.

Murderers. Source; The Teal Mango




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