Help Thy Neighbor Week!

Freda Savahl
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2 min readJun 3, 2024


Our Volunteer Group’s Charity Initiative

The volunteer experience:

We had a productive “Help a Needy Neighbor Week,” and on Saturday, the group gathered for lunch to share their volunteer experiences.

Nelda, a 40-year-old single and active lady, shared how she assisted Amelia, a 26-year-old mother raising four young children.

Nelda shared her feelings about a young mother whose home was in disarray and lacked cleanliness. She expressed some negative thoughts about Amelia’s housekeeping to the group, but she acknowledged that Amelia was a wonderful mother to her kids.

It was when Lottie Ellison took charge and provided valuable information to the group. She said:

Before you pass judgment on a mother, take a moment to reconsider.

  • Pregnancy is painful.
    Childbirth is painful.
    Breastfeeding is painful.
    Breastfeeding can be painful.
  • Watching your baby cry is heartbreaking.
    Not sleeping well is painful.
    Putting others first and being the last one hurts.
    Not having time for yourself is distressing.
  • The mother needs support, not criticism; she deserves love, not judgment. She cares for everyone, but she also needs to care for herself.



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