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I was the New Kid on Twitter’s Block. Here’s what Impressed Me

Leverage this underrated platform to build connections

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Before joining Twitter, I had this assumption that Twitter must be one of the best social media platforms after LinkedIn to build your brand.

And I wasn’t wrong. Twitter impressed me.

My real reason behind joining Twitter was to feed my desire to get tweet reshares and likes. I wanted to check out what works and what doesn’t on that platform.

Growing up with a Nokia handset during my school days, I always felt comfortable using Facebook.

You can say that Facebook and Puberty hit me around the same time. I gradually got accustomed to both of them. We all did back then.

However, I always found Twitter fascinating. A few words are enough to encourage people to retweet, share or like. Feels powerful, doesn’t it?

That’s how I entered the Twitter-verse to find answers to growing my personal brand.

Your Twitter Profile might need Solomon’s Touch

Notice how people stress optimizing everything, literally everywhere on your social media profiles?

Well, you better listen to them. Optimization always boosts your visibility — be it the catchy tagline on your Facebook profile, The emoji-centric Instagram bio to get more eyes, or the profession-centric LinkedIn Bio filled with what and whom you serve.

Do the same for your Twitter profile. In fact, add your profession along with your name up there.

Make it look something like this ↓

A snap of the author’s Twitter profile name

Notice how I added, “Copywriter” and “Blogger” alongside my name? You never know who might end up searching those terms.

Now, this isn’t some massive hack to start getting followers as I’ve realised, but you know the drill, better safe than sorry.

Since I am still new to Twitter, I figured out that your Twitter username doesn’t usually contribute to maximising your personal brand, unless someone specifically searches for your name by adding the “@” in the search bar.

However, keeping your Twitter Bio blank isn’t something that I’ll advise you to do.

Go ahead and be honest. Write what you do, who you are, what you talk about or either of those.

The motive is to make your Twitter profile look presentable and professional.

Note : I know you must have noticed the hashtags I’ve added in my Bio, but it's just something I am experimenting with right now. I currently have no idea whether it brings traction to your profile in any way or the other.

If you want to upload a professional picture for your Twitter profile, go ahead and use a free tool like that removes the background from your picture and lets you keep it blank or add your own custom colours to it.

Now, if you own a blog, course, website, digital product, or any other link you would like to share, Twitter lets you do that effortlessly by just editing your profile.

You can even choose your “job title” and “location” up on Twitter. Having a fully optimized profile Bio gives visitors an idea of who are you, what you do and whether or not they should follow you.

Twitter Thread is the New Kid on the Block

Being new on Twitter, I had no idea that I could list down my blog outline in the form of Twitter threads. At least that’s what I’m planning to use threads for.

I saw several entrepreneurs use Twitter threads in the form of compressed List posts to jot down several tools, programs, public figures, and software to help out their audience with substantial content within a short span of time.

Prior to jumping on Twitter, I read quite a few of Tim Dennings's Medium posts on getting on Twitter as a beginner. In one of these posts, he had clearly referred to the fact that Twitter users use threads to increase engagement with their tweets.

Apparently, it’s true! I found a greater number of hearts and retweets on threads in comparison to tweets.

So if you’re looking to grow on Twitter organically, I recommend that you provide value in the form of Twitter threads often.

Twitter Wants You to Smoke Tweets 3x–4x Daily

Here’s what I found out regarding the life span of a tweet.

Tweets have the shortest lifetime of around 18 minutes, which is shorter than any other social media post. They get buried soon.

Thus, I found out that a minimum number of 3–4 tweets a day can start showing you results within a few days to help you get followers eventually. Frankly, getting followers depends on the quality of your tweets as well.

Retweeting your own tweets within a few a couple of hours can help you with your original tweet’s visibility as well. However, don't overdo it.

Quote Tweets can Pull you within their Radar [For Good]

What I mean by getting pulled within their radar is that if you end up quote tweeting your favourite Twitter user’s tweets and write something sweet, you can definitely expect yourself to get liked by that user!

A quote tweet is an option provided by Twitter in which we can write anything in response to a tweet published by another user. Consider it as a feedback system for putting out your thoughts regarding that particular tweet.

So I had been started following Tim Denning on Twitter since I joined the platform. I love his content and decided to quote tweet one of his tweets and that ended up getting a like from Tim himself!

Author’s notification section

Thus, using this simple technique of quote tweet can bring you great opportunities in the future.

Imagine quoting a tweet of the CEO of your dream company. You might actually start meaningful conversations if that person finds your quote tweet helpful.

Keep Your Viewers within Twitter’s Borders

Every social media platform likes it when its users post something that keeps its audience engaged on that platform itself.

Users who try to take their audience outside of the default social media platform through embed links will find their posts receiving less engagement.

That’s because such platforms want users to stay on their platform rather than be taken to some other platform, thus they reduce the visibility of such posts and a lot lesser number of people end up coming across such posts.

I noticed similar behaviour on Twitter. It's the same for Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform.

Your Cold Outreach Recipe of the Twitter Sauce might Work out

Take note of this. Twitter allows you to DM people if you guys follow each other.

Several people even have their DMs open for others. This means that you can DM these people even if they don’t follow you. Imagine the opportunities you can find just by sending cold DMs to influential people on Twitter.

The best way to cold DM is to refer to some of their recent post(s) and point out what you liked or disliked about it. Personalize each and every DM so that it feels authentic.

I’ve seen so many users using the same template for every person they cold DM. These days people can easily spot a template-based text.

So if you really want to build a personal brand on Twitter and play the long game, stop using templates and build authentic relations with people.


No doubt Twitter has always been the most underrated social media platform. But here’s the thing, if used correctly, you can build powerful relations with some really influential personalities in your niche.

Here’s a summary of everything I covered above :

  • Optimize each and every aspect of your Twitter profile
  • Use Twitter threads if you’re looking to provide greater value in exchange for better engagement
  • Quote tweets can be a powerful medium to come within someone’s radar
  • Avoid embedding links that take your audience from the default platform to somewhere else
  • Reach out to as many people as you want to through personalized cold DMS with the purpose of building authentic relations

Hope you found this blog useful enough to get started or modify your ways of engaging on Twitter.

What was your biggest takeaway from this blog? Let me know in the comments.




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