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How I Made $1000 From One Medium Article Through Affiliate Marketing

My successful side hustle towards passive income.

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Nowadays, writing is a valuable talent. You become a better version of yourself the more you write! Furthermore, if you are interested enough to look for them, writing opens up a world of commercial options.

Furthermore, if you are interested enough to look for them, writing opens up a world of commercial options.

Look for those who write regularly. What exactly do they do? Aside from writing, they build email lists, side hustle, create a YouTube channel, operate consultancy firms, and so on.

Medium is an effective lead-generating tool, which should not be overlooked. You can earn money through the Medium Partner program, but there are many other options as well.

Let me tell you about my humble achievement when I awoke one day and discovered that a regular post had made me $1K+ in a single day through affiliate marketing. Are you curious as to what I did with it? That’s not everything! However, if you want to reap the benefits of affiliate marketing, there are a few essential factors to keep in mind.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing So Effective?

I’m a marketer, and I like the idea of affiliate marketing. Its business concept is straightforward.

Assume you have a blog and wish to continue earning money from your previous entries. Your readers enjoy the information you provide and have faith in you. When you evaluate a product, a gadget, or a service, your opinion counts to others, and this is how you may earn money — passive income.

Several online partner programs allow you to obtain your affiliate link and add it to your postings.

You will receive a commission if your readers click on the link and make a purchase. Isn’t it simple? It’s the way affiliate marketing operates. It helps everyone: you earn a commission (up to 50% of a sale), and the business gets a new client.

If You Want to Promote Your Affiliate Products on Medium,

In a word, you can use Medium to incorporate affiliate links in your writings and grow your side business. There are, however, certain subtleties to be aware of. Medium rules share the following comments concerning promotions. Check these guidelines thoroughly before engaging in any marketing activity through your postings; otherwise, your account may be suspended.

While it’s difficult to describe this material with absolute accuracy or completeness, here are some typical spam characteristics we look for:

1. Creating material primarily to attract visitors to an external site, product, or service or improve the search rankings of that site, product, or service.

2. Advertising and sponsorships from outside parties are not permitted. You may not use Medium posts, articles, or letters to promote or market third-party products, services, or brands. Images that indicate brand sponsorship in a post or letter or part of a publication’s name or logo fall under this category.

3. Images that serve as third-party advertisements are not permitted. Using inline pictures or embeds that link out and act as banner advertisements for third-party companies is not permitted.

4. Affiliate links or funding for a post must be disclosed. In postings, affiliate links are allowed, such as a link to Amazon with your code or any other connection where you would get a commission or other value.

You must declare that the content contains affiliate links somewhere in the text. If you got cash, products or services, or anything of value in return for making a post, you must still state this in your article.

On Medium, the snippet above pretty much sums up all you need to know about affiliate marketing. Still, I recommend reviewing the Medium guidelines and ensuring that you understand and respect them.

Medium permits affiliate links, but you must disclose them in the article by writing something like “some external links in the post are affiliate” or “the link above/below is an affiliate.”

Because I want to obey Medium’s standards and develop a sustainable company that can eventually be independent of the Medium platform, I disclose all of my affiliate links in the post.




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