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It’s hard to cope with the comments and opinions about yourself you receive from strangers. Not all of them want you to succeed. You have to bear in mind some want to pull you, abuse you and fool you to an extent.

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Marilyn Manson was used to saying it, indeed.

Your trust is a valuable resource you own. One that requires taking care of it as if it was the only thing you own. You can’t give it to every guy you meet on the street. Be sensible.

Dave Mustaine said that trust hurts.

And his words can’t hold more truth. Someone that was kicked out from Metallica and formed another band that is world-renowned, deserves to be taken seriously.

When you trust someone, he/she can hurt your feelings if you can’t control yourself. Don’t people can’t do it. Why? In my opinion, their life must be so boring they have not much more to do, and if they do, they don’t like that for sure. It’s like living in a lie. I’ve known so many people like that, they were betrayed a long time ago, but they are still down in the dumps.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles: it’s natural selection. If you’re dumb enough to suffer for what other people did to you, the mistake is yours. Sorry for being so direct but it’s like that. Sad but true.


If you consider you’re clever, you’ll know who to trust and who not. It doesn’t mean you can’t do a mistake. Mistakes happen.

If you are not sure if you’re clever, means that you are clever enough to question yourself. You really decide who to trust.

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Having said this, I’ll like to give you some tips. First of all, you mustn’t give even an ounce of attention to those who don’t matter to you and only try to call your attention. Imagine someone telling you “you’re dumb”. What will you do? Trust him.

Do it if you receive the same kind of comment from others, owing to the fact that the vast majority of people can’t be wrong. What if you are but you didn’t know?

Trust comes with a price, just like your dreams.

Let’s give it a stab and dive into another example: you got bad results in a series of exams you did. Must you trust your teacher’s opinion?

I won’t. Because he/she is only one person, another teacher could give me a higher mark and it’s more important to know you did well other than to hear it from others. Facts. The bad part here is that you need to pass and your teacher has the key.

Trust ideas and opinions, not people.


People want the best for themselves, without caring for others. Some pretend they are happy giving money to charity or going as a volunteer to some village. But they like the feeling the applause from people give you, otherwise they won’t tell anyone they did it.

There is a very popular scam now that consists in meeting someone through a dating app to be asked by that person to call xxxxxx phone number or to deposit money somewhere. Of course, you can see the scam from far away. But if you trust these people, who you’ll know for a day or two, you are not controlling yourself completely.

Even Jesus Christ was betrayed, better you don't think you’ll never be.


First of all, ideas and opinions can’t hurt you, Will Smith can.

That feeling of solitude when you do might be hard to get through, but you’ll do it circumstantially and you’ll find the fanciness to be alone with your mind, knowing that you are doing good and you’ll be betrayed by no one. They’ll never find you.

People could pass by, making you cry when it happens. I assure you that ideas and opinions will survive a nuclear war.

Another fact is that ideas can change, but slightly, whereas people and opinions can change completely as time passes by.


I hope you read this again as many times you need to comprehend it.

To make the story short, you must never trust people. Trust only ideas and opinions and your life will be better.

And don’t waste your trust power. Deposit a little in every idea or opinion, buddy.

I know you enjoyed the ride because I wrote it with ease. But don’t trust me. Trust this post.

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