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How civilization evolves(Pt.1)

Image by PhotoVision from Pixabay

First things first

The Kardashev Scale is a highly speculative, imaginative scale by which civilization can be measured by their consumption of raw energy. The thought is rather simple: as we expand our lovely human civilization, we will continually need more and more energy to sustain ourselves (and build cool space sh*t, like the Dyson Swarm or the Dyson Sphere, which is, incidentally, also supposed to collect energy, from stars. You get the gist though) and thus, the more energy a civilization consumes, the presumably harder better faster stronger they will be and will rank higher on the scale. To better imagine this, I want you to picture a star wars like civ, or perhaps the “OG” Isaac Asimov Foundation Empire — basically, a civilization that spans an entire galaxy. Right, so where would an empire like that rank? Surely rather high? Well, actually a galactic empire would probably rank somewhere in the Type 3 category, and even that’s problematic. These are the criteria, or rather stuff that different civ types SHOULD be able to do:

Type 1: Harness planetary power. I know you’re wondering, and yes, we are ALMOST at this level, approximately at about 0.7. We can’t even control the weather, hell, our computers can’t even predict weather accurately, we can’t prevent natural disasters and so on. Basically, we have a long road ahead of us still. About 200–300 years, assuming we don’t make ourselves exctinct, like the hundreds of animal species that perish thanks to our deeds. In the future we will hopefully explore our cosmic backyard, and of course, expand aswell. Far from the might of a galactic, or even intergalactic, hell, god-like, universe spanning, probably omnipotent civilization, we should still congratulate ourselves, shall we ever make it so far. Perhaps that would be an achievement that many did not reach. Maybe our universe is essentially a cosmic graveyard of formerly powerful civilizations, once eager as we are now — to continue the quest for knowledge and expansions. Perhaps far smarter beings than us, yet still succumbed to primitive war efforts, wiped themselves with the genius of their creation. Just look at us — monkeys running around with a nuclear arsenal. However, in our defense, we have had nukes for close to a hundred years, and some of us are still breathing. Pretty good I’d say. I like to think we will get “atleast” this far. I’d like to think we will actually rather succumb to another basic human instinct — exploration. Exploration and expansion, that will drive us further into the cosmos. Here’s hoping. Cheers.

Prologue for Pt.1.

Okay, so where is the billionaire capitalist utopia, asteroid mining corporations, space malls, and the planet wide cities? And where are the blockbuster action packed planetary warfare drafts, where are the xenos, where are the space pirates? Probably in Type 2 and beyond…

P.S: Thanks for reading :). I will write more when I have some spare time on my hands. I have it all planned out, I just decided to parse it a little bit. Cliffhanger!!:)



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