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Photo by Ibrahim Uzun on Unsplash

How come traveling can change a person?

All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town. -Tolstoy

Two days ago I turned back from a tiring but at the same time fascinating İstanbul journey which is a beautiful city in Turkey. After experiencing great cultures, delicious meals, and astonishingly beautiful landscapes, I learned a lot and decided to write about three advantages of traveling. Let’s take a look together!!

Photo by Hasan AKBAS on Unsplash

1-) Inspiration:

Traveling is a great creative source for writers. If I hadn’t gone, maybe even I wouldn’t have written this. We have an idiom that asks whether the traveler or the reader knows more. The answer is still unknown, but for me, the answer to the question of who is the great writer is definitely that the more traveled, the better writer. So as a great platform for writers, traveling is one of the musts for creating better writings.


Living in the same city or country for too long makes us unrecognize the difference between cultures and people. But when someone goes to another place then he or she realizes how different people are from each other. Seeing churches, mosques together in one journey makes us understand that we are not alone in this world only with our culture and religion. It shows us how to be respectful because in the case of my traveling I saw a lot of people wearing long dresses while traveling the mosques. And even this much respect can teach a person a lot.

3-) Learning to leave comfort zone:

Memories of the journey are great but living the memories is not as good as memories sometimes. Going somewhere hot or cold on foot is not as pleasant as sitting at home watching Tv or something. But even if this was the case I think the idea of traveling is not actually physical rest, it is more of a mental distancing from your own life thus bringing happiness and rest when you turn back to what you are doing.

THANK you for reading!!

Putting here a great song for listening in your journeys…



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Hope to share

Hope to share

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