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How Did My Package Reach Me?

What is Logistics?

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Every day, people’s demand is leveling up. With the increasing demand especially the current pandemic time, the businesses that separated multiple countries to produce more or local ones, try to transport their goods to clients in less amount time with possible quality. Because of these reasons, they need a systematic way to do to keep working. The systematic way is called logistics in the business world.

According to its definition, logistics means the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. To explain briefly as someone who doesn’t like book definitions too much, It is the searching for how we can deliver something in the best way.

But why we are doing that? Isn’t it enough for the goods to be delivered to the customer?

It is not that simple to find an answer. Because demands of the present are huge and getting bigger. Also, people want different things from the traditional ways. And the organizations getting much more complex. If we think simply, the main reason is the patience of people. People want too much in less time so this causes race with time. The second is satisfaction, you know you can’t deliver the broken product to the customer. Wherewithal you can’t deliver some products in overtime than expected. For example, food products that are fresh for a limited time period.

At end of the day, the client is the boss and mostly right.




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