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How do you create a life of meaning?


Rather than what is the meaning of life? How do you create a life of meaning?

  • child or children
  • homeowner
  • income level
  • marriage
  • job title
  • no job
  • no home
  • travel
  • money in the bank
  • car/s in the driveway

For me

  • ensuring I was never going to make the same choices
  • choosing to work hard to earn enough money to pay my bills and have nice things
  • reminding myself that things don’t buy happiness
  • being grateful for a wonderful husband and daughter
  • choosing to parent differently from how I was parented
  • not being distracted by the ‘perfect lives’ of others
  • deciding what a meaningful life means for me.

For you

  • take the time each evening to think about what went well for you today
  • ask your children what went well for them each day
  • do something for someone else with an expectation of something in return
  • volunteer your time with others who are less fortunate
  • don’t worry about ticking boxes
  • don’t be distracted by thinking everyone else has a more perfect life than you
  • be unashamedly yourself at all times
  • realize it is not what others think; it is what you think and feel about yourself
  • work on feeling content within yourself
  • Knowing where you are right now is exactly where you are supposed to be so you can decide what a meaningful life is.



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Kelly Robinson

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