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How do you get your Content to Stick to your Readers’ Minds

I was watching an Interview of 2pac where he was talking about how when he dies, his music would be remembered forever.

It has been 24 years since he died, and he still lives on through his music. It was his prophecy because everything he sang about was his truth. He talked freely about his struggles and what he was going through, which is why people loved him.

He was loved because people related to what he was saying and saw how real he was about it. Mind you, he was just 25 years old when he died, but he achieved more than people who were in the industry for more years.

That aside, I believe most people on Medium are writers and writers have a voice, it’s through your voice that you remain in people’s hearts in the long-haul.

We all have the power through our words to affect change; However, we choose to see it.

Jordan Peterson said that with the ability to write well and speak proficiently, you could change the world.

And with writing, you’re already halfway there.

I once wrote about how every content we put out is an investment. It explains how everything we put out on the internet has benefits — financially and otherwise.

Most times, it’s not about the money we can make from our writing, but for the people, we can influence. Whether you like it or not, some people check your profile each time they come on Medium because they want to see what new content you have for them.

They see you as a guide and someone they can look up because of the content you put out.

Everybody is looking for something. Whether they find it or not, we may never know, but you have to be sure that you’re doing your part to make the next person better off than they were before they stumbled on your content.

It’s why I keep raving about value.

Your readers want to see that you create value through your vulnerability. They want you to share a bit of you with them through your content.

It’s why storytelling is essential. If you can share a bit of yourself to your audience, you would experience higher conversion rates simply because you’re reaching out to people, and these people get to feel connected to you because you’ve shared a part of yourself.

That’s one thing I learned from writing — sharing parts of myself without overthinking it. Before now, I didn’t easily talk about what I was going through(in person)I just make jokes about everything because I felt like there wasn’t any need to bother people about my story.

You can say writing gave me the confidence to express my side of the story better, and it has helped me gain readers online.

If you don’t share parts of your life with people, you wouldn’t have any connection with anybody. Your content would feel bland because you’ve not applied yourself — You’ve not added the ‘You’ element to what you’re writing. The stories you add to your articles are what make them unique because no matter how many ways you want to see it, there’s nothing new anymore.

There are just pieces of old content scraped together to create something different looking.

The Content game is all about creating and keeping attention around your brand. But everybody is doing it, and like anything else, some people excel at something, and there is the majority that fails.

So what do the top writers do differently, how come their articles and names always stick to your mind each time you read them?

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again

  • They
  • Added
  • A
  • Part
  • Of
  • Themselves
  • into
  • The
  • Content

Once you can master this skill, you’ve just built a house in your readers’ minds. Because that’s where you would remain if you give them something to remember.

If there’s someone that has mastered the art of storytelling, it should be Nicolas Cole.

I remember reading his content on Quora, and he almost always talked about his journey. And all his articles on Medium have his face as the featured image. I don’t know anyone else that does this on Medium bought the guy made his brand stick in our minds through the stories of his journey.

I don’t know the reason why you don’t feel comfortable talking about your journey, but If there’s something I’ve learned since I started writing, it’s to add your uniqueness to every content you write.

If you plan on having an active Newsletter, you have to be ready to share your journey smoothly. That’s why people subscribed to your newsletter in the first place — they wanted to know you better (or through a lead magnet)

Either way, you have to see sharing your story as a norm. That’s how to cement your name on your readers’ minds, and that’s how to get more people to be interested in your content and check on your page frequently.

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