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How Do You View Mother Earth, What Will You Put Your Faith And Trust In?

Aim your arrow high and reach for the stars

Have Faith And Trust In Yourself — Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

During any full moon, something is revealed to us. Sagittarius is about a deeper truth. Meaning the full moon on 14th June asks how we view Mother Earth and what are we putting our faith and trust in?

It is doing this through activating the Galactic Centre — a massive black hole associated with clearing away density, allowing for access to higher realms.

This moon cycle began with the new moon in Gemini — using your voice and communicating, expressing, seeking adventure and evolving in new ways, networking, connecting, and enjoying life.

As a mutable sign, Gemini allows us to make changes and take forward whatever transitions we seek.

Allow Yourself To Dream — Without Limitation Or Restriction

And then the Sagittarius full moon came along. It asks you to pull together those pieces of information to create a deeper understanding of what is possible. Traditionally, Sagittarius asks you quest for truth through travel, philosophy, exploring and expanding into new territories, cultures and ideas.

In this era of transformation, the strawberry supermoon provides the moment to claim your right to choose the truth rather than be its victim. It imparts clear and concise wisdom, helping you see new opportunities and horizons from an expanded and philosophical perspective.

What are your biggest dreams? What do you want your future to look like? Who do you want to share it with? Sagittarius urges you to hold onto this optimism and childlike hopefulness.

As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius is fluid, creative and passionate. Meaning should you have recently been feeling your life has been “stuck”, unsure what direction to take or feeling you are stagnating, this lunar energy will help spur you to action — especially when directed toward your dreams.

Meaning this moon is reminding you to allow yourself to dream — without limitation or restriction. More importantly, your every dream will determine the pace and direction of what unfolds. This is the very core of the new era emerging. Our actions are combining to create the Mother Earth we choose — hence the reminder to choose wisely!

Ensure you point your Sagittarian Archer´s arrow high and reach for the stars, though a few personal shadow stories may need to be addressed along the way. Which is why faith and trust in yourself will be required as you take another step into the next phase of your life.

Toward being someone new — Mother Earth as well as the Cosmos are travelling with you in this major identity shift.

Have Faith And Trust In What Unfolds

This decade brings a power shift within humanity and what we can do to affect change on Mother Earth. We are moving increasingly rapidly toward where evolution and revolution is visible to each of us. The historic roots in all current events provide us with an opportunity to accept and release their ability to control us all.

It also means those aspects of life you used to love or activities you used to do, may no longer give you fun and joy because you are moving into this new phase. It can mean healing of past relationship wounds.

Recently several have commented to me about re-meeting someone who they had a “challenging period” with, or fell out altogether. Should this also apply to you, its purpose is to enable healing to take place between the two of you.

Alternatively, someone else comes along and gives you the opportunity to replay the same event. Whether personal and/or global past events, emotions, or storylines, notice and make the most of whatever appears.

It is in the space between the stimulus of your trigger and your response you will find the means to consciously create what you desire. The alternative is to remain stuck in your old pattern of re-action.

The re-action has power because your beliefs, your conditioning and the story you tell yourself about who you are, programmes your unconscious mind. Meaning it will only notice the information it deems relevant to you — that is matches your beliefs about yourself and the world.

Should you before seven, the imprint years, have formed a belief “you are not worthy”, that is how you will see your life and the world. Therefore, you will only see limitations and restrictions, not the possibilities and opportunities when they appear.

Message From Source

The impact of being in such a constant state of high alert is outlined in What Are You Afraid Of? To Speak Your Truth To Yourself and Others? The effect of such stress is to reduce creativity and so your ability to spot opportunities.

To have faith and trust in yourself, you need to take back control over the story you tell about yourself. Once you have an empowered, resilient story, you find faith and trust in yourself and so can integrate that into your life.

The latest Message from Source provides advice on the importance of your choices, to you and humanity:

“What is evolving is unknown. The energy is for you all to create. The opportunity is to initiate the flow of energy with the impetus to accelerate the shift. You have the means to determine the impetus of how the new emerges. To move at the speed you feel easiest, or at the speed which will accelerate the creative level of the life you all live.

This is the choice you are now moving through. The full moon marks the point of no return. The backwards facing portal has been closed, so the choice is now at what speed do you desire to proceed — are you seeking to be in the slow or the fast lane?

The impact will be felt more in the fast lane as events ensure adjustment is made quickly rather than slowly creeping up on you all. The prospect though of accelerating the transformation is profound in terms of what you can all achieve in this lifetime. To create more or to move at a more sedate and comfortable pace?

The Solstice Will Bring Bursts of Creativity

One impact of the faster pace will be to allow each of you to consider the different experience of a greater number of timelines. For there is always more than one path each of you may travel. Each choice you make influences the nature of the timeline and so what may be experienced. Which is what each soul seeks during its incarnation.

Simply enjoying moments of peace in Nature and observing the beauty of Mother Earth is an experience for each soul. For each moment cannot be repeated, such is the nature of Nature.”

The day after the solstice on 21st June, Venus leaves Taurus — whose steady manner emphasises the status quo. However, Uranus entered Taurus in May 2018 and remains here until the end of April 2026. The last occasion Uranus was in Taurus was from 1934 to 1941.

Uranus is the planet of change, freedom and challenging the status quo. It is ensuring we make the transformation needed to bring about the future we desire. It will achieve this by shaking up our most deeply held values, breaking the chains of the current systems of wealth creation, and evolving the way we relate to Mother Earth.

Come the end of this transit, these Taurus-ruled parts of our lives will be changed completely. The cracks are already visible.

The solstice on 21st June will encourage us to review whether we have built a solid foundation to take forward our dreams. The following four weeks will provide bursts of creative energy. Both in artistic endeavours and business ideas.

Have Faith And Trust In Yourself

My sense is the next three to four months will witness timeline shifts. Suggesting projects will be stopped or subject to adjustment as the paths of destiny adapt to the choices humanity makes. The most effective way to handle such events is to accept rather than resist or fight them.

Venus moving into Gemini on the 22nd will herald conversations with kindred spirits, old and new.

28th June adds another planet going retrograde — Neptune in Pisces. The coming five months will offer the opportunity to help heal core wounds and address addictions, from alcohol to love and limiting beliefs. It will also help in cutting through our own delusions.

The next day the new moon rises in Cancer. It will seek to refresh your view on prosperity and “having enough”. Seeking to identify what is not working for you and be in touch with your own personal emotional strength — the root of your soul.

Stepping from the familiar into the unknown always involves crossing a line. Something has to be left at that line. Something needs to be sacrificed. Meaning have faith and trust in yourself.

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To Leading A Life Of Faith And Trust


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