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How I am reading every article on medium without membership

I am not hacking or doing anything illegal.

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Earning nearly 320 $ per month from my regular job do not allow me easily to pay even 5$ per month to read articles on any website. It can shake all my budget.

However, I really felt this urge to read all these articles and found the solution. firstly I tried to convince my friends to buy a membership for the annual package but they did not found it useful. So, Either I have to pay 5$ or just limit myself to only 5 free articles every month. but then I remind myself of one of my best friend, who help me watch access youtube and other sites even during my office time and give no trace to my IT admin.

Ladies and gentleman, mine and your all’s best friend “Incognito Window”.

Yes, I wrote this blog to tell you that you can access free articles by just copying and searching the title in incognito window. It has worked for me for nearly 99% time. Sometimes I have to add the writer name with the title too, In case if I do not found it on the top of goggle.

here is a little video I am sharing on my YouTube channel, where you can see me using this hack. I am simply copying and pasting titles.

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However, being myself a writer too on medium, I understand the perspective of this medium program, How it helps the writers to pay on time for their hard work. I have also planned to buy this membership next month too.

I am also tagging Medium Staff, Medium, Medium Writers, Medium Engineering in this article so that they can see this thing and can debug the issue. I am not writing this article with any purpose to harm or degrade the medium community. I am really thankful for this platform and community and will try my best to make it more and more strong.



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