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How I Got 1000 Followers In Just 30 Days

Want to get over 1000 followers in the shortest span of time? Well, this post will help.

1000 followers in 30 days. Screenshot Bu Author.
Photo: Licensed To Author (Screenshot). My 30 days followers.

All the followers are organic and form MEDIUM only. They read my post, liked and followed me for better articles.

10 Secrets To Get Over 1000 Followers In Just 30 days:

  1. Never underestimate your readers. Connect with them, solve their problem as if it is yours and provide valuable content.
  2. Always reply to good and bad comments on your posts, all possible interactions help.
  3. Post at least 750 to 4000 words of in-depth articles covering all that your users may need to ask or should learn.
  4. Use Free images (Copyright free) and do proper tagging as I have done on the images of this post. Give credits if required, don’t take it lightly.
  5. Posting on daily basis, helps you to achieve your target in the shortest span of time and a more organic view.
  6. A good title for your posts gives your readers a reason to click and learn what matters to them. Good content can fail to get more traffic if your title is not that catchy.
  7. Share your post on social media pages, groups, and accounts to get some referral traffic to your posts on Medium. It gives the right signal that Medium requires to make your content viral.
  8. Find the trending posts related to your niche and clap on good comments on the posts. It motivates them to check your account. More engagement means more reach.
  9. Tag your existing posts in your new posts and hyperlink whenever needed.
  10. Add external sites and post links in your articles. Many users feel evil to add other (third-party sites) good post links and articles in their posts, but they don’t know it’s a great signal for your SEO and posts to make it viral.



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