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How I Made $1797.41 in Less Than 90 Days?

I worked hard, motivated myself, researched a lot, started blogging, and now make thousands of dollars a month.

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In the modern world, it might be difficult to raise a large family on one salary. Especially if you don’t make much money at your job.

That was the difficult life I led before I learned about the VPN niche and the affiliate business.

Now that I’m a successful business owner with a lucrative blog, I’ve been promoting NordVPN as an affiliate for more than three months.

Today I made the decision to share my experience and how I built up my business after leaving a typical 9 to 5 job.

This is how I earned $1797+ in just 3 months while not spending a dime!

NordVPN Affiliate Program - The Way I Use to Make $1797.41

Source: NordVPN

After doing extensive research online, I discovered a number of ways to make money.

I could establish a street-side shop and build a brick-and-mortar firm using conventional methods.

But doing so would necessitate renting a space, furnishing it with furniture and fittings, keeping track of inventory, and paying a lawyer or legal advisor to handle all the paperwork, among other things.

My second choice was to start an online business. I had three options: build up my own website, open an online store, or develop my own product.

Sadly, this option was also unworkable because it required hiring a designer and developer to establish a website as well as paying for domain hosting.

As a result, practically all possibilities required some kind of startup funding, which I didn’t have at the time.

So, without knowing how I could earn money, I set up my own blog on WordPress and started writing about software, VPNs, making money online, and how-tos.

You can start a blog with Bluehost for $2.75 per month depending on your needs. In addition, they include a free domain name for one year.

As some of my posts got more attention and visitors, VPN providers reached out to me about advertising opportunities.

Here is where I found out about the VPN business.

They asked me to write about their services in my blogs and I could get an affiliate commission on every sale.

So, I learned about the affiliate industry.

People were making a lot of money in this business, like $100 a day online.

And the best part was that it didn’t cost me anything. From my point of view, it was a win-win situation.

That’s how I learned about VPNs and affiliate marketing, and I decided to promote NordVPN on my blog without spending a dime.

Here are My Last 3 Month's Income Screenshots, You Can’t Ignore

1. May Month

Source: Screenshot by Author

This is the first month since I joined the NordVPN affiliate program and I can’t believe I made so much money in my first month.

And I followed it constantly…

2. June Month

Source: Screenshot by Author

3. July Month (1 July to 15 July)

Source: Screenshot by Author

As you can see I made 48 conversions which resulted in $429.20 after my hard work and obviously, time.

You know that day by day, my affiliate income is increasing and believe me I will share my next 3 months' income report soon.

My Final Suggestion

If we talk about earning money online then there is no secret to it. You need to work hard, give more of your time and motivate yourself all the time.

I was the one who believed in shortcuts to generate a good amount of revenue and make a living.

But that was the wrong mindset I was living with.

We all need to adopt a way where we can satisfy ourselves and convert our time into an ATM machine.

Let’s try your new journey with the NordVPN Affiliate Program.



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