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How I Spend My 10 Mins on Instagram

For the past few months, I have been consciously trying to reduce my Instagram time and I have successfully brought it down below 10 mins per day (average). I have already written an article regarding what tricks I used to make that possible. Do check it out if interested!

This blog will explain how I spend my daily 10 mins on Instagram, and if you find anything useful, do try to implement it!


‘On This Day’ (0.5–1 min)

The first thing I do after opening the app in the morning is to swipe right, click on the ‘Create’ menu, and then navigate to the ‘On this day’ tab. There are two reasons behind opening this specific Instagram feature:

  • I use my Instagram stories to wish my friends and acquaintances, however, I am extremely bad at remembering birthdates. So, I use the ‘On this day’ feature as a backup birthday reminder. I don’t want to miss out on wishing someone just because I am bad at remembering dates.
  • And secondly, looking at the old posts and stories, I feel delighted and energized (and nothing beats the happy morning energy).

Checking Stories (2–3 mins)

The next thing I do is check stories to get an update about the people around me. I ensure that I start with the first story on my feed page and continue only till I see stories of my closer network of friends. Once the stories of distant friends start coming up, this is when I generally close down the story panel. This generally takes up to 3 mins.

Instagram’s algorithm is pretty good and it gives priority to your close friends’ stories. So I don’t really need to go through each and every story and spend 20 mins of my day looking at stories that I probably won't even remember the next day! (no offense to anyone 🙈)

Scrolling the Main Feed (2–4 mins)

I have kept a habit of scrolling the feed a maximum of five times. Again, the Instagram algorithm is smart enough to show the posts of your closer network of friends based on your previous interaction. You get all the relevant posts at the top and you don’t really need to keep on scrolling for hours. Moreover, limiting the number of scrolls helps to reduce distracting posts and hence reduces the unnecessary time spent on Instagram.

This is also the time when I like/comment on posts and post stories of my own. I am aiming at posting a story about something productive/creative at least once a week. This can be an interesting line in a book, a review about something, or some good scenic picture.

Replying to Messages (3–4 mins)

Finally, my last bit of time is used to reply to messages on Instagram. If you have read my previous article you probably know that I have blocked my Instagram notifications. This is because I believe that I don't receive any urgent or important messages on Instagram (Whatsapp is the primary mode of communication for such messages), and there isn't a burning need to reply to all then Instagram messages as soon as I receive them.

Hence, I start replying to messages only after opening the app and not because of the notification alerts. I mainly start by opening and replying from the bottom-up (recently received last), to ensure that I don't miss out on any older messages. By the time I have replied to all the messages, my app timer notifies me to close down the app as I am reaching closer to the set time limit.

Instagram Screen-Time
How I Spend My 10 Mins on Instagram

If you are planning on reducing your Instagram time I think you try using this simple time-split framework. Do let me know if you liked (hopefully not on Instagram XD) this idea or your thoughts about the same!

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