How I Upgraded My Home Office During The Pandemic

9 Tiny changes I wish I made earlier.

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7 min readJul 24, 2020


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Since the beginning of the pandemic, my partner and I spent a little more than $700 to upgrade our home office.

We’ve already been working from home before the pandemic, so our daily working patterns didn’t change much. Yet, what changed during the lockdown is that we started working much more than we used to.

Due to the travel bans and restrictions on social activities, we decided to make productive use of the time we had to spend at home.

Even though we’ve been used to working from home, we soon realized we could upgrade our home office (aka our living room) to further improve our productivity and health.

Looking back, I wish we made these little changes way earlier.

To Fight Wrist Pain

Even though I don’t like calling myself a “full-time writer”, writing is 90 percent of what I’m doing almost every day. I’m usually typing +5,000 words per day: Blog posts, copy for my business, newsletters, emails, and tons of messages.

While my partner is the technical and “back end” brain of our business, I’m the person writing and feeding our audiences with content.

And even though writing doesn’t sound like a health-damaging job, it can actually cause pain in your wrists and hands if you suddenly increase your workload.

Sounds ridiculous, I know, but it happened to me shortly after the pandemic started.

My right wrist hurt so much that I couldn’t type anymore and as I wasn’t sure whether that type of pain was typical, I went to see an orthopedist. Turned out it was normal and he recommended using a wrist rest.

Wrist Rest Pad

No sooner said than done — back at home, I ordered a set of ergonomic wrist rests.

I paid less than $16 and it was definitely worth the investment. I actually don’t use the small cushion at all; the big one serves its purpose and helped me to fight my wrist pain.



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