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How I Use Todoist to Be Better at Life

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I recently turned on the “Karma” for my Todoist account. You gain Karma in the app by completing tasks and using certain features. I had turned this particular feature off literally years ago since I knew it would only mess with my head and give me weird anxiety (another reason I put off getting a FitBit for a long time, too). In a moment of curiosity, I turned it on to discover that I have attained the level of “Enlightened,” the highest you can get as a Todoist user.

I mention this not to brag. I don’t really care about the karma. But it does show how much I rely on this app, on my digital task management, to keep me organized and productive. I use it for literally everything, no matter how small. It’s been by my side for years and I have no intention of giving it up. While I would recommend everyone start using Todoist, using any task management app of your choice will make your life immeasurably better and you should get started right now!

This app keeps me focused. I have my reoccurring work tasks, like running certain reports on a weekly or monthly basis or gathering statistics for other reports. Most of the time I remember all those tasks on my own, but sometimes even a small change in your morning routine — like a meeting or a phone call — can throw off everything and I have been so grateful that I can count on this app to remind me I haven’t completed a small but important task for work.

Everything is automated! I was a big fan of the Bullet Journal for a few years, but my needs shifted. Having my repeat tasks automatically populate for the next time I need to do them saves me the hassle of remembering to do that. I can put in tasks well into the future and know they will show up at the planned time — and I can search for a task if I can’t remember if I planned it or not. This has eased so much stress for me.

When I have an ongoing project, sometimes I’ll give it a tag that I can track over the course of a number of months of the project. This helps me filter it down and plan out when I can tackle different aspects of it. For instance, at my job I’m in charge of putting together a schedule across many departments on a triannual basis. It’s a big project with a few moving parts. So I can enter all the different tasks into Todoist, and then when I’m going through my “Work” Todoist project I can see when my “schedule” tag is and I can plan around those tasks.

Every Friday I review my Todoist tasks for the upcoming week. I make sure all my appointments and other timed obligations are in place, and easily rearrange certain tasks if I see that my Monday is overbooked but my Tuesday is more open. I sync it with my calendar so nothing gets overlooked.

As I’ve shown in another article, I use Todoist to help me keep up with my reading goals. I have a daily reminder to read a portion of a book I’m reading so I finish it by the deadline I give myself. While not necessarily tied to my work life, planning out moments and activities for my own well-being makes them a habit, an expected occurrence, and I’m a better person when I can break up my activities to include something just for me.

My spouse and I do fitness together, so that’s another Todoist project of mine. I can plan out our workouts, and schedule them in. Not only can I very easily keep track of our workout routines, but I am better able to keep that commitment, having it planned out for me in advance.

When I receive a task or a bill in my email, I forward it to Todoist. All the attachments are there in the comments, and I can organize it from my Inbox to the project it belongs to and give it a date to complete it. This helps keep my email inbox cleared out while still staying on top of the things I need to do. This is especially helpful when you need to remember to cancel a trial subscription!

My boss recently gave me a compliment that I’m able to tackle both big picture projects and the smaller, more detail-oriented ones. I can at least attribute some of that success to having a digital task management app that helps me keep track of those details and everyday needs. Streamline your life with Todoist!




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