How I Wrote 52 Articles (Almost) In 52 Weeks Straight.

We Need To Surround Ourselves With People That Will Feed Our Light, Not Just Dim It For Their Own Good.

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7 min readOct 9, 2020


Yes, I said almost, because I took a 2 weeks break. In reality, the number is 50. There were those 2 weeks during August 2020 when I did not feel like I wanted to write. I took a break.

Maybe you see this statement and say: Yes, so what? I have written an article every day for the last 10 years or even 10 articles daily in the previous year. What’s the big deal?

Let’s go back to October 2019. Covid-19 was something I saw far in China, not even some danger I was seeing arriving at Europe’s doorstep.

I have a regular job, a young son of 10 months, and I live in the suburbs of Toulouse, France. In the year that passed, Covid-19 is still banging at the door of my neighborhood. I traveled to Dakar, Senegal, to introduce my son to my family.

I spent 5 months in total lockdown with my wife and son in a flat with no possibility of going out in a crowded block in the north of Toulouse.

Working in the aerospace industry, I am facing the possibility of a collapse of our sector. And all the jobs created in the industry over the last 10 years have been wiped out in the previous 6 months.

I have been very active in fighting Covid-19 in Senegal and West Africa. And we were expecting our second son in January 2021.

This is just a glimpse of my last year so far. And while the world has been changing, I challenged myself to start a new project: tell my story and share it with the world.

Here are the reasons that helped me stick to it despite all the challenges of 2020 so far.


I already talked about it just above. With the arrival of my son, Noah, I felt the need to start documenting my life so that he could see my life through my own words.

Often we live our lives and never take the time to share our vision, the reasons behind our life’s choices. Then, in a glimpse of an eye, we are gone.



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