How Injustice From A Warped Mold Equal Injustice

EP McKnight, MEd
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1 min readOct 16, 2020


When prosecutors, judges, and police unions join forces to suppress

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Suppression is real, some are maimed while others are killed
when prosecutors, judges and police union seeks injustice
injustice the public gets, as cops shoot to kill, innocent or not
no answers to why forthcoming, crimes upheld by the court
as the public outcry for reform, refunding and accountability
hangs in the balance, as wrongs are denied in courts
wearing business suits, robe and gavel, covers the cops’ backs
when a tree dies, it must be rooted out, to replant
the legal system so corrupt by the wrong forces
like snakes slithering in the grass, much destruction
from city to city, state to state, corruption abound
BlackLivesMatter outcries heard loud and around
judges, attorneys and police union, a reform indeed
as the public outcry to much visible, undeniable misdeeds
vote to convict, incarcerate and replace unwanted elements.

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