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How Living in the Now Moment Brings You Well-Being, and More Loving Relationships Into Your Life

Want more love and well-being in your life? Live in the Now

Kris and Kalyn, photo by author

Living in the Now Brings Well-Being

Memory Is Both A Blessing And A Curse

Responding Versus Reacting

Don’t Poke the Bear

Living in the Now Helps You Respond Instead of React

Living in the Now Frees You From the Ups and Downs of Life

Living in the Now Improves Your Relationships

Living in the Now Means Living in the Flow

Living in the Now Expands Your Ability to Read Others

Living in the Now Brings More Love Into Your Life

Could Living in the Now Be the Ultimate Law of Attraction?

Read You are Meant to be a Powerful Creator, You have the tools to be a powerful creator. Are you using them?

Why Wouldn’t You Live in the Now?

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