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How many claps to give on Medium — give more and improve your income!


Yes, another 'improve your income on Medium' article. However, this is about engagement and it is quick I promise!

How do you decide just how many claps to give an article?

One if you read it.

Two if you liked it.

Five if you really liked it.

Did you know you can give up to 50?

I fell into the trap of thinking one clap was enough when it clearly wasn't.

If I enjoyed an article, why did I not provide 50 claps?

I realised this when I happened upon an article with no claps and no comments, and my one clap was sad and lonely and didn't reflect that I had enjoyed the article. So, of course, I gave MORE.

How many claps do you give?


How often do you comment?

Do you comment in a meaningful way?

Did you know that you will grow your following if you work hard to read and comment? Yes, engaging on Medium really helps!

I always try to comment if I enjoy an article; it is my number one choice for engagement, though I am trying to do more.


How about sharing someone's article that you enjoyed.

I bet you have not even thought you could share other people's articles, not just your own.

  • You can share them on your Twitter or other social accounts you own!
  • You can write a new article about another article you like or several you like!
  • You can create lists of articles that you like!


This is a great feature that allows us to highlight a sentence or word that resonates with us.

Here is a great article I read today by Lipika Sahu

At the end of the day

If you are writing on Medium, you need to support other writers.

Medium makes it so easy to engage, and when you engage, others will engage with you.

Your increased engagement will grow your income guaranteed!

Have a goal to comment on 10,20, or 50 articles each day. Choose both writers you follow and writers you don't follow.

I guarantee that when you do this along with consistent writing, your income on Medium will grow.

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Thanks, Kelly



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