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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An On-Demand Fuel Delivery App?

Cafu Its Process, Cost, Business Model, etc.

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Are you a startup or an entrepreneur looking for the most potential industries that you can be conquered with the app development solution?

On-demand fuel delivery apps are one of the brilliant app ideas catching wind these days and providing a perfect alternative to conventional fuel delivery systems.

With the projection that automotive fuel delivery services’ market size will grow by $14.54 billion from 2017- 2022, on-demand fuel delivery applications slowly spread their wings in Middle-east countries and capture a significant share of the market.

The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4% and opening doors for startups/enterprises with a plethora of business opportunities.

The simple reasons behind its increasing usage and popularity is its great level of convenience offered to the users. Now people know that by just tapping on the app, they can have fuel at the service. It would save valuable time and eliminate the need for a detour from home to gas stations.

Now the time has changed! People with changing psychology and shifted more focus on living with on-demand app services is bringing fuel delivery platforms into the picture. And Cafu, a leading on-demand fuel delivery application, has established itself as the most technologically advanced solution dominating the oil and gas sector. So let’s have a look at how an on-demand fuel delivery app like Cafu can help you hit the market and enables you to generate better business revenue.

Highlights of the Blog:

  • Market Analysis Portraying Increasing Requirement For On-Demand Fuel Application
  • Best Business Opportunities for Startups or Entrepreneurs in Fuel Delivery Industry
  • Challenges Of Starting an Online Fuel Delivery Business Like Cafu
  • Features and Functionalities To Make Your App Stand Apart in the Market
  • Technology Stack Required For Seamless Functionality
  • How To Get Your Fuel Delivery App Developed in Less Time and Overcome All Challenges?
  • Wrap Up

Before getting straight into the process of hiring a mobile app development company, it is worth going through this comprehensive guide to have a better idea about how to manage your investments.

Let’s get straight into the deep of each point:

1. Market Analysis Portraying Increasing Requirement For On-Demand Fuel Application

With the increasing demand for on-demand applications, startups and entrepreneurs are rushing towards the idea of connecting people with the products and services while making their lives easier and more organized. One such idea that is taking place these days is the on-demand fuel delivery app.

You don’t need to trust these empty words. Let’s take a sneak peek at real market analytics clarifying the increasing demand for on-demand applications and automotive fuel delivery systems.

Key highlights of the increasing demand for fuel delivery system market forecast years from 2018–2022:

Cafu: UAE’s leading fuel refill app, started operation in 2018 with the focus on expanding the fuel delivery services with 100+ truck fleets. Its simple aim is to bring value to the region’s cities and communities by making refuelling cars efficient and convenient.

And with the perfect blend of app idea, interest in technology and innovation solutions, Rashin Al Ghurair has turned up his million-dollar app idea into a successful solution. The simple and efficient app structure of Cafu is making it successful and encouraging the various organizations to look further into this thriving industry.

2. Best Business Opportunities For Startups or Entrepreneurs in Fuel Delivery Industry

Did you know that fuel delivery startups like Booster, Filld, MyPetrolPump, Yoshi, Cafu, and more earn millions with their on-demand services?

Mobile applications make sense when it has some benefits to offer to both customers as well as users. So if you have decided to build an on-demand fuel delivery app like Cafu and hiring an app development company in Dubai. Here’s what you will be offering through an app and what your customers are willing to take on hand.

  • Initiating in New Era of Gas and Oil Industry

In this digital-driven era, people are living with a different psychology. Gone are those days when users have great patience to manage things on their own. With the availability of on-demand applications, people have got a tendency to get everything at their doorsteps when it is required.

Like Uber offers you cabs at your doorstep, and Domino’s can deliver food within an hour. In the same way, fuel delivery apps belong to the same era and deliver fuel right at the doorstep. So the new generation demands to launch an app that cuts down all the long waitings in queues, spending a long time at the fuel station or refuelling your tank.

Pro Tip: One-demand fuel delivery services come directly to your place to deliver the required fuel. And by investing in on-demand fuel delivery applications, businesses can quickly become a part of this new era.

  • Revenue Opportunities for Startups

Only following the app clone of CAFU will not drive you to success. To be really successful in the field of fuel delivery apps, you need to monitor what strategies work great to generate revenue.

Let’s take an example of CAFU;

CAFU works with a simple and easy UI structure with the simple aim to deliver fuel to the user’s location and provides the fuel with a small amount of service fee. But as AI Ghurair says “he hopes to provide smarter ways of living, so he must generate revenue with smarter strategies.”

After its launch, CAFU has hit 500,000 downloads both in the iOS and Google Play store in 2019. Once booking a service, the simple logic is that users have to provide their location, and CAFU will dispatch a tanker with a promise of 10 min on an average delivery service.

While each order is subject to an AED 18 service charge, but later, the CAFU+ membership feature has been launched where for AED45 a month, customers can get their cars filled up as often as they want in a month. Sounds promising!

CAFU has quickly turned into AED100 million of total investments with 300+ employees and 80+ fleets on the road with these features. Moreover, in the first 2 months, they served more than 15,000 orders and kept expanding to integrate AI and machine learning technologies.

  • An Ideal Solution for Consumers

With fuel delivery applications, users can order fuel from anywhere, anytime instantly and say goodbye to all the hassle that usually occurs with the empty tank. You can choose to hire software developers to customize the app’s interface in a way that allows users to book fuel type and quantity as per their preference and get the delivery without any hassle.

  • Quality Is Priority

Fuel quality is one of the biggest concerns of the users and oil & gas industries. This is why you keep hearing from your locals that which place is good or bad for refuelling.

By creating an on-demand fuel delivery app, you can minimize the risk of countering these issues up to a great extent. Since on-demand fuel delivery service requires trust to finish their task, and you need to keep refilling those trucks every day; therefore, it cuts down the issue of fuel storage and adulteration problems. This will ultimately ensure high quality fuel delivery which remains the first preference for users over other petrol stations.

  • Time Saver & Emergency Filler

Like Uber saves a significant amount of time allowing cab-giants reaching to your doorsteps on the booked time. In the same way, fuel delivery apps play a similar role in a user’s life. In fact, on-demand fuel delivery apps can be a big saviour when you are stuck in the middle of the road where there is no access to fuel. Automotive fuel delivery apps offer 24*7 fuel delivery services; therefore, you can demand energy at any time.

3. Challenges Of Starting an Online Fuel Delivery Business Like Cafu

Business opportunities always come along with challenges, and the fuel delivery app isn’t an exception. So here’s a list of challenges it brings to you, but that is less than the opportunities!

  • Handling Legal Issues and Government Regulations

Legal issues are always there when it comes to starting a new fuel delivery business. Setting up your business and getting a licence from the government regulatory is never an easy task. But it isn’t impossible!

Many authorities, like Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO), provide you with all the guidelines for the startups planning to deal with the fuel delivery business.

But, in the UAE, there are specific oil and gas resources regulating bodies for each emirate:

In Abu Dhabi- The Supreme Petroleum Council creates and oversees general policies’ implementation concerning domestic oil and gas resources.

In Dubai- The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy is responsible for licensing.

In Sharjah- The Petroleum Council of Sharjah is accountable for regulating the oil and gas industry.

  • Routing Geo-Location Enabled Fleets

Having efficient fleets for seamless fuel delivery is the bedrock for your fuel delivery business. Ensure all your delivery trucks are equipped with GPS to keep proper track of the fuel dispensing unit for proper disposal and keep track of the amount of fuel distributed.

Solution: That’s where you need the assistance of a mobile app development company that can build an app integrated with a GPS system. With the geolocation feature, you can easily manage to deliver multiple types of fuels and keep track of everything.

  • Getting Partnered With Fuel and Gas Providers

To ensure seamless fuel delivery to multiple locations, you need to get in touch with the fuel providers who can supply in your business areas for speedy delivery. Building good relations with the fuel providers can help you go a long way and enables you to have enough stock in the inventory for your fuel delivery business.

  • Developing An On-Demand Delivery App

Now comes a real challenge! But it all depends on the mobile app development company in Dubai that you choose to collaborate with.

So now you have all the essential things to begin your business, all you need is a fully-functional multi-feature mobile app to execute a fuel delivery business in a hassle free manner. To establish your fuel delivery app like Cafu, make sure you have all the essential features and functionalities. Your gas delivery app will include different panels for customers, driver and admin.

Features, Functionalities, Cost and estimated time to Fuel Delivery App:

Image/Table Credit: Author

Keep in mind that these are rough estimations based on market analysis and survey reports. The actual estimations and projections will be made only after analysing your business requirements and budget. Besides, most software development companies claim you to develop fuel delivery apps like Cafu under $10k to $20k. But before falling for the quotes, be alert; it’s just a marketing trap for you!

4. Technology Stack Required For Seamless Functionality

Developing an on-demand fuel delivery app is not so challenging, but creating it with the right set of technology is a real challenge to conquer. As it can make a huge difference in its success, so if you really want your app to stay competitive in the market for the next decades, it’s important that your app is backed by the right technology.

  • Mobile App Platform: Native Android/iOS or Cross-Platform
  • Backend Development: Node.js, JavaScript
  • Payment Gateway: PayTabs, Cashu, 2Checkout, Checkout, Payfort and Telr
  • Routing and Navigation: GPS, Google Maps
  • IoT Integrations: Smart Locks
  • Realtime App Analytics: Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics, Mixpanel, BigData,
  • Web Server: AWS EC2
  • Cloud Storage: AWS S3
  • Push Notifications: APNS/FCM,
  • Voice, SMS, Phone Verification: Twilio, SNS

Apart, there are various mobile app development companies in Dubai, that can help you customize a fuel delivery application with emerging technologies.

5. How To Get Your Fuel Delivery App Developed in Less Time and Overcome All Challenges?

Cafu is a standalone UAE’s leading platform for delivery fuel on demand. Developing an app solution that matches the UAE’s monthly dynamic pricing policy itself is a challenging task. And creating such an extensive yet sophisticated app in less time further adds up the great stress for startups.

So if you really want to be a part of this thriving fuel delivery industry, you need to keep in mind that the time-sensitivity of the product launch is quite important. That’s where you need to hire app developers Dubai with the fuel delivery app development experience.

Here’s how they help you launch your app in a quick time frame and overcome all challenges:

  • The proficient team of app developers can guide your roadmap to develop a fuel delivery app and enable you to create an app with emerging technologies that ultimately help reduce app development time.
  • Being rooted in app development solutions for years, they better understand the market’s growing needs and allow clients to get started with the solution right away.
  • They are backed by an expert team of business analysts, programmers, designers, quality assurance, backend/frontend developers, they can better handle the complexity of the project and ensure quick delivery without compromising the quality.
  • Since they already handled the fuel delivery app development projects, they better guide you on all the essential things to help you start with your fuel delivery business.
  • The renewed software development company will provide you with robust, scalable and flexible app development solutions. No matter whether it has to assist small, medium, or even large businesses.
  • They go beyond the basic and intermediate skill levels and bring extraordinary clarity and business skills to the development process to speed up the overall development lifecycle.

Wrap Up: Get The Next Cafu App For Your Business

Developing a fuel delivery app is one of the most potential and unexplored business ideas in the UAE. Since you only need to match the app clone of Cafu, add your uniqueness to it to conquer the potential market. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a mobile app development company to keep any app development risk at bay.

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, a mobile app development company can assist you right from conceptualization to designing the user-friendly UI, development to deployment of the app on multiple platforms. So by collaborating with a technological partner, it’s time to take action and start your on-demand fuel delivery service app in your city!



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