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How Rich Is Batman?

Is Batman Richer Than All Other Superheroes?

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There’s a huge misconception among ordinary superhero movie viewers that Batman’s total assets are like $9 billion in finances. And Batsman’s Net worth is less than Iron Man. Even a portion of Comic Book readers are brainwashing this misinformation, and Google itself is the inventor of this misconception.

Batman, or Bruce Wayne, is the owner of Wayne Enterprises founded by his family. Now Wayne Enterprise’s branch is on the way to spread business. Wayne aerospace, owned and operated by Wayne Enterprise

Wayne airlines, automotive, aviation, biotech, botanical, chemicals, construction, electric, electronics, energy, entertainment, foods, healthcare, industries, manufacturing, medical, mining, Oil, pharmaceuticals, records, research institute, retail, securities, shipping, stage, steel, studio, technologies, television, weapons, yards, etc.

Now tell me that such a wide variety of businesses, the owner of merchandise owns property worth 9 billion? Isn’t the amount of money a little too much?

Now let’s take around from the world of Comic Book pages and bring your heads to the real fact.

★ In the recently ended Joker War storyline, the joker found out he owns more than 100 billion after stealing Bruce Wayne’s bank balance through his new girlfriend punchline and transferring it to his account.

Source: Batwing

★ Casually buys a whole mountain as if a child can buy a candy worth 2 cents from thousands of cents to play.

Source: Superman (1939)

★ Blue Beetle’s rescues buy an entire hotel in minutes to provide temporary shelter to some distressed people (some similar scenes we saw in The Dark Knight trilogy’s first movie Batman Begins).

Source: Blue Beetle (2006)

★ Some of Robin Batman’s basic gadgets that we have often seen are some of the gadget prices on the comic panel. It’s hard to put up the whole list so you can check out the comic for yourself.

Source: Robin (1993)

★ Supergirl needs money and comes to Batman to sell a Kryptonian technology that can instantly rewrite someone’s genetic code. Although Batman is ready to give Supergirl all the financial support, he buys the device for a million despite Supergirl’s lack of interest in self-esteem.

Source: Supergirl (2005)

★ Bruce buys Lois Lane an apartment of her choice as a wedding gift.

Source: Superman: The Wedding Album

★ Bruce buys six safe houses in New York for Nightwing.

Source: Nightwing (1996)

★ Duke Thomas creates a separate secret underground base in Gotham downtown.

Source: Batman & The Signal

★ Green Arrow’s old car spends 20 million to buy it himself so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong person (noting that Green Arrow, aka Oliver Queen himself, is a billionaire, yes not as big as Batman but a billionaire ).

Source: Green Arrow (2001)

★ Bruce conducted a program called ′′ Victims Inc.” to provide financial support to victims of various horrific crimes and accidents.

Source: Batman: Gotham Knights

★ A prototype worth a billion dollars gives an invisible stealth helicopter casually a gift to Wonder Woman.

Source: Wonder Woman (2006)

★ The first and oldest Central Batcave under Wayne Manor that we are most familiar with have spent a few billion on the installment of Surveillance Technology. On top of that, there are some more backup Batcaves at various points in Gotham so think about the cost?

Source: Detective Comics (1937)

★ Batcave at different points and small bunkers at different points Hiley is rich in advanced technological installments named Batbunker naturally and among them Lucius Fox’s son Luke Fox to repair his hi-tech batwing suit at Batbunker-3 Can be seen.

Source: Batwing

★ When it comes to Batcave, it’s not to say another Batcave. Batman has a Batcave outside the world called Lunar Batcave on the moon. The Batcave is built to test Batman’s various devastating gadgets and weapons to prevent window damage from its crash on earth. The Batcave Batman preserves his well-known Hellbat suit with which he went into the front-front battle with the Darkside, and the Batcave shows the cost of repairing the damage that Lois Lane and Superman fight with Eradicator is $ 10 billion!

Source: Superman (2016)

★ One of the old batmobiles that can’t be said much but just a few modified cars has spent over $ 1.8 million so imagine what the high-tech and heavy-armored batmobiles we see nowadays could cost?

Source: Robin (1993)

★ All of Wayne Enterprise’s buildings can withstand more than 8.5 earthquakes.
Source: Batman (1940)

★ Optitron is a subsidiary company of Wayne Industries, the largest cable in the world.

Source: Outsiders (2003)

★ Wayne Enterprise once created a Particle Beam Cannon and a Heavy Armed and Hi-Tech Stealth Technology Mech Suit for the US Military.

Source: Batman: Confidential

★ Once Bruce Wayne and Lex Luther’s combined Cash In Hand was shown $ 750 billion. Now that the cash in hands of the two is not mentioned separately, we will naturally share the amount of money equally. Bruce Wayne’s share is 375 billion if shared evenly. Still cash in hand.

Source: Justice League (2016)

★ No man’s land one of my favorite Batman storylines. Here’s a horrific earthquake that broke down the entire Gotham’s communication and transportation system with the outside world. Gotham’s criminal society, with the advantage of it, is crippling the whole Gotham that made the city so unhappy that the United States government removed the city off the map. Declare it to be isolated. After Batman handled the city’s ultimate chaotic situation, the rich’s broker Bruce Wayne almost single-handedly spent his money rebuilding the entire Gotham, and the comic page says it cost trillions to rebuild a city.

This also proves how much Bruce Wayne trusts his city to protect it like his own child who doesn’t back down despite its end where most of its residents leave the city after the accident. Now, if you calculate, the whole Gotham can be called Batman’s father’s property!

Source: Batman: Gotham Knights #25, Batman 1940

★ WayneTech and LexCorp combined money is more than 95 % of the total GDP in the United States.

Source: Green Arrow (2011)

In addition to the facts mentioned above, Batman’s technological achievement and resources as proof of Brother Eye or Omac Project (if anyone is interested to know about Brother Eye and Omac, you can comment below) there are many highly advanced armored suits, gadgets, etc., etc., etc. comic pages. Still, all about them. If you want to discuss, the list will be much more significant. So, for now, you are just this much. Otherwise, if you’re going to get too much, you won’t want to swallow also, if you want to know a few small facts about Batman’s technology and intelligence.



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