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How Social Media Destroyed Essentialism And Minimalism

Now, we all have double life one inside of the telephone and the other one outside of it. We cannot ignore the fact that social media surrounded all of our lives in every aspect. But once realized it is also really important to give special importance to how to use it. There are tons and tons of writings about this topic but I wanna talk about its effect on minimalism and essentialism and how to improve this on social media as we did in our real lives. We all try to care for our lives as much as we can but when it comes to social media we are careless but we should also know that social media is also real interaction of real people. So trying to have essentialism and minimalism is also important in social media.

Firstly what is the importance of essentialism and minimalism?

Essentialism means giving priority to what you give the most importance. This is one of the best ways of reaching goals and accomplishing goals because it keeps you motivated until the end, prevents you from being distracted. That is why there are millions of people using agendas to keep themselves on track. Minimalism means using as little as you can. Minimalism contributes to essentialism in many ways and also makes you feel motivated. For these reasons, for feeling less stressed, for feeling more meaningful, for feeling more hopeful; essentialism and minimalism are some of the musts of life.

How does social media destroy essentialism and minimalism?

We all follow a lot of people we don't know for no reason. As this kind of idea-sharing platform it is better to see as much as we can see but think about Instagram, following and seeing people that we don't know has no effect but distracting, stressing, comparing ourselves. Everything on social media is calculated by numbers and there is no measurement of real value but only numbers: how much like did you get for your new photo, how many comments, how many followers do you have, how many people are you following … This goes on but no one talks about really how many people make you smile when you see their comments. Without thinking, the first thing as soon as waking up is controlling our social media then where is the essentialism, do we really care about our life or care for others? Whenever you get more like it means you are better but why? Don’t we say minimalism is one of the best things to achieve in life? So while the idea and the purpose of social media is having double life how can it contribute to essentialism and minimalism?

Why I don’t use social media?

I think social media contributes to one’s creativity in some ways but there are also other platforms to make it way better like here. Sharing your feelings to a big platform can make you feel relieved but the idea of being not able to share them with your closest one is scary. And also it should not be forgotten how cruel people we do not know can be towards us. I once watched a Tedtalk in which a woman guest who suffers from cerebral palsy was mentioning if she would use social media in her early childhood how she would be distracted and how she cannot be in the same place where she stands today because of bad comments. I also feel like social media tries to put us through certain behavioral rules but I think all people are valuable when they are different. For this reason, I like idea-sharing platforms more than everything. Instead of strictly putting you certain beauty, economic, emotional standards it gives you the chance to show your difference and express yourself freely.

How to balance Essentialism, Minimalism And Social Media?

a) Use social media as a tool for reaching out to people you know! So don’t follow unknown users and don’t accept them as a follower.

b) Don’t try to seem someone different rather try to be the purest form of you, by this way no need to take tons and tons of photography even one of your photo will be enough for you to share without consideration and also you can enjoy the moment.

c) Have time limitations and control your screen time! Using social media carelessly prevents essentialism and results in wasting time. Instead by controlling usage times or planning them you can overcome daily works easily and invest on yourself.

d) Buy something that you liked on social media after some time because first enthusiasm towards a product could be misleading. After some time still, if you feel like buying buy then. By doing this we can avoid waste and contribute minimalism.

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