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How Social Media Has Changed Me

What impact does social media have on us?

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Social media is still becoming more popular than ever and sometimes that is not a good thing. The reason for its popularity can also be because for the past 2.5 years there’s been a global pandemic and people just did not know what to do with their free time. I have created a list of things of how social media has affected me in both negative and positive ways.

Negative impact

Although many social sites are intended to do the good in the world, some just don't fulfil that promise.

Constant drama

Constantly seeing or getting involved in drama on the internet is the first thing. Being always exposed to other people arguing with each other, and spreading hate or lies on the internet has given me very negative impact on me. From the things you see on the internet, comes your behaviour.

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I have become more sarcastic, angered and dirty-minded. If I can compare myself now and how I was behaving way before the global pandemic I see a huge difference and I don't like the new me.

Too much time spent

Nowadays almost every social media has one task to check — users’ time. The goal is to keep users on the platform as long as possible with content that is personalized to their liking. The algorithm is distributing personalized content to the user and it has become very good at it. We are able to spend hours and hours of our time that could have been spent more productively.

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Although a platform may not have a subscription you have to pay but you always pay with something else and more valuable — your time.

Toxicity with mood swings

Staying on social media every day for too long can change your lead in productivity and left you feeling unmotivated.

You see other people having the best time of their lives because they have become successful in some field you also seek. It just takes on a wave of sadness to know that everyone is better than you while you are in your bed infinitely scrolling through the social applications.

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A very negative impact especially on the younger community is the beauty standards that social sites set. It must be confusing for the next generation to see all the perfect body bodies when their age is just a third of theirs. This trend of having everything perfect is an open idea, especially on Instagram but some companies have taken a step toward inclusivity of all people.

Positive impact

We have talked about all the negative impacts that social media can possible have on us but now let's talk about the positive side of this story.


With the internet being such a huge place, almost everyone will eventually find a community that will accept them no matter what they look like, their opinions, religion, political status, behaviour, sexuality, gender and hobbies.

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That can be the possibly best thing internet can provide — comfort because now can everyone have a place that they can always go to no matter what happened, other people with the same experience as you.

This is something that people did not have for example 100 years ago, the people who were seeking their needs would have to search for this in the real world and that can be tricky because not every country has as much freedom as the internet has.


I think even though the internet can be really deceiving place, it can also be a place for finding your inner true self, or a community that suits you well and for finding friends that will support you. No matter what are the pros and cons, in the end, if it would not be for the internet, we would not have the same thing as we have now, a smarter and brighter future.



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